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What is “Retinol Sandwich”?

What is “Retinol Sandwich”?

Feb 1, 2023

Retinol can go from being the skin's best friend to its worst enemy in an instant. Considered inflammatory, this ingredient is still a prodigy in the treatment of wrinkles and skin ageing for some skin types. Lately, it has been back in the news thanks to a new trend that has gone viral on TikTok: the 'Retinol Sandwich'. This 'protocol' consists of layering retinol between two coats of cream. Theoretically, in this way, the moisturising cream would dampen the action of retinol, giving even the most sensitive skins prone to irritation and/or dryness the opportunity to include this vitamin in their skincare routine.


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In practice, however, retinol serums should always be applied before the cream and no serum is designed to be applied on top of a product that by nature should act as a barrier on the epidermis to protect its hydration and allow the nutrients inside to act. Therefore, if retinol is irritating to the skin, it would be more useful to opt for creams that already contain it in an ad-hoc formulation, created and studied in the laboratory, or to use bakuchiol, its vegetable alternative which is also suitable for more sensitive skin and which we have already discussed here.

For less sensitive skins which need to regain firmness and elasticity, you can create a serum in which retinol is the undisputed star. For such a product, our recommendation is definitely the 30 ml Essential amber bottle combined with its black dropper: a must! On the other hand, for more sensitive skin, create a moisturiser that contains retinol but not too much and is also tested for this skin type; our Pure Green white plastic jar with its white lid is perfect for an effective cream for every day. Finally, anyone's skincare routine should certainly not be without an eye contour with bakuchiol that firms and deflates this area: the 30 ml Sky Green bottle combined with the white Sky cream pump will complete your cosmetic line in the best possible way.

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