How the beauty routine changed in the days of Covid-19:  all the cosmetics to protect your skin while wearing a face mask

How the beauty routine changed in the days of Covid-19: all the cosmetics to protect your skin while wearing a face mask

Jun 10, 2020

At this particular time, the mask is one of the most used accessories to protect your health when you are away from home.

However, if on the one hand it is a real "lifesaver" on the other hand, if used for a long time during the day, it can damage the skin, making it drier, redder and more sensitive.

Cosmetici per mascherina

When summer arrives and temperatures rise, the risk of having small skin reactions and acne increases:  it is essential to adopt a specific beauty routine which protects the skin.

The first step to have a healthy and luminous skin is to keep it always well cleaned and hydrated: starting the day with a deep cleansing using delicate mousses will immediately make the skin softer and more elastic. 

At the end of this phase it is recommended to apply a cream, letting the skin breathe: the formulations based on chamomile and marigold are among the most used, thanks to their powerful soothing action.

Crema idratante

During the day, if you do not have a moisturizing cream, it is important to vaporize the thermal water on your face several times before wearing the mask. Its calming and refreshing properties will allow you to have a pleasant sensation on your face.

Finally, cream masks are also a product to be applied at least twice a week after showering, as they allow deeper hydration and immediately reduce redness of the skin.

Skin and mask, therefore, do not go together, but with a few tricks and a specific beauty routine you can avoid blemishes. 

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