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The autumn-winter 2021-22 trends for your nail art line

The autumn-winter 2021-22 trends for your nail art line

Oct 6, 2021

Having beautiful, well-groomed hands always makes us feel good, not only because indulging in a manicure is a well-deserved pampering, but also because, when used in the right shades, nail polish becomes an integral part of our outfit. The warm season is slowly leaving us behind and the bright and vitaminic colours that have characterised nail art so far are becoming warmer and more welcoming, in harmony with autumn nature. From classic nudes, to burgundy wine nuances, without forgetting a few pop details, we have gathered for you some of the colours to try this season.

Red and Burgundy: the must-haves

Always a symbol of seduction, the classic red nail polish is always a certainty, remaining a must this season, while burgundy and rouge noir are definitely colours to be rediscovered for our autumn manicure. While bright shades such as coral prevail in the summer, darker shades such as burgundy, burgundy and aubergine prevail in the colder months.

The Matte and Shiny contrast

A combination of matte and shiny nail polishes will be a big autumn nail trend. If you then try it out with a variety of red nail polishes in the run-up to Christmas, it will make this trend even more festive.

Neon nail polish

There really is no better time of year than winter to wear grey in all its shades, but when winter fatigue starts to set in, remember that you can always brighten things up with neon coloured details. 

Nude, a timeless classic

Nude nails are, without a doubt, perfect for any occasion and any look. Favourite shades range from pastels to beiges, while decorations range from the essentiality of a French manicure to the effect of sequins or precious and luminous inserts obtained with gold leaf.

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