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The autumn-winter 2021-22 make-up and hair trends for your cosmetic lines

The autumn-winter 2021-22 make-up and hair trends for your cosmetic lines

Oct 13, 2021

After this last period spent with little or no make-up at all, the trends that will keep us company this autumn-winter 2021-22 are many, and among them we will also see many evergreens come back into vogue with some modern and pop reinterpretations. We have gathered the coolest trends here for you! 

Winged eyes

Always a reflection of the soul, in the last two years the eyes have been given even more prominence and make-up has helped us to enhance them. This season, get ready to "lengthen" your eyes: whether bold or shaded, soft or intense, black or coloured, eyeliner will be the undisputed star of eye make-up. Discover in the Make-up section of Stocksmetic many packs to create eyeliner with different textures and colours.

Soap brows

As well as long, voluminous lashes, this season will see the triumph of soap brows: very well groomed brows that look natural and even a little wild. The 10 ml glossy black Manhattan Mascara bottle will be your number one ally in creating fantastic brow care formulas.

Bold Lips

After a long period of not being able to light up our lips, brightly coloured lipsticks and lipglosses are finally making a comeback, with red being the most popular - a timeless classic that goes with any outfit! Create a bold lipstick line with our Chubby Glam: its design and shiny black colour will bring out all the colours in your collection.

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Prepare hair care products with Stocksmetic

This autumn, there will be plenty of cuts and hairstyles, from pixie cuts to mullets, maxi fringes and voluminous waves. The must-haves in all this potpourri of creativity will be hair care products and treatments. In the Hair care section of Stocksmetic you will find ad hoc solutions for your hair line: our favourite heat-protective product packs are those from the New Pure collection which, combined with the black Minitrigger pump, will distribute the product evenly both on the scalp and on the lengths.

We are waiting for you in our e-shop to help you create hair style and make-up lines with our quality and trendy packaging!