SPAs and wellness centres: an ever-expanding business

SPAs and wellness centres: an ever-expanding business

Feb 15, 2019

SPAs and wellness centres are the places par excellence to create harmony between mind and body.

Among regenerating massages, sensory paths, aromatic baths and personalized treatments, the activities proposed are many and allow guests to achieve total relaxation.

These wellness oases allow guests to escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. This is the secret of their success, in fact, according to the data of the "2018 Global Wellness Economy Monitor", this sector has recorded a continuous growth in recent years: in 2017 it reached a value of 4,220.2 billion dollars, with an average annual increase of 6.4% from 2015.

Packaging cosmetico per SPA

In this scenario, Italy ranks among the top ten countries in the wellness and spa tourism sector with a business of over 18 billion dollars. These data underline how wellbeing is not an occasional practice but a recurring aspect of everyone's daily life.

Your cosmetics line for SPA and wellness center  with Stocksmetic Packaging

Stocksmetic Packaging has a wide assortment of bottles and jars, available in various sizes, perfect to contain specific products for SPAs and wellness centers.

With Stocksmetic, it is also possible to create your own line of personalised cosmetics, completing the packaging with boxes and labels with your own graphics without additional production costs. In a few simple clicks you can choose the boxes and/or label in the preferred finish and customize them with the logo of your brand.

One of the most regenerating activities carried out in a wellness centre is the massage: in addition to relieving stress and tension, it is able to fight skin imperfections and dissolve contracted muscles. Among the most used formulations we find oils or creams based on natural ingredients such as almond that make the skin soft and moisturized. For this type of product, the most suitable packaging are respectively the 400 ml Heavy bottle combined with the Snow cream pump in shiny gold and the 500 ml Round jar completed with the black shiny lid: these are two elegant containers that will be able to best preserve these precious formulations.

I packaging Stocksmetic per il tuo centro benessere

To intensify the action of the massage and in general of the various treatments in the cabin, essential oils from the best medicinal plants in the world are used. The perfect pack for these beauty elixirs is the 30 ml Essential bottle from the Farma Line, which, thanks to the dropper, allows localised applications without wasting product.

In the case of specific treatments for hands and feet, however, are indicated  moisturizing and relaxing lotions: the 300 ml bottle Tube is the ideal solution that combines practicality and versatility.

Finally, to create a unique atmosphere in the relaxation areas of the wellness centre, it is important to select unique fragrances that will take guests on a complete experiential journey.  The 500 ml Essentia and Quadrat bottles are the ideal packs to create a sophisticated and elegant home fragrance line that can give harmony to all areas of the Spa.

With Stocksmetic Packaging you can create, in a few steps, a unique and personalized line of cosmetics for your wellness center or SPA, accompanying your customers in the best sensory journey in search of well-being.