Stocksmetic’s products can be bought online on this website ;  you have to create an account to go on with the order. Where can I buy Stocksmetic’s products?
Yes, availability of goods is indicated in the corresponding product page Is the availability of goods shown on the website?
If goods are out of stock at the moment, you can leave your email address; you’ll be notified as soon as the item is back in stock. Do you need a higher quantity of items compared to the one indicated on the website or do you want an offer for quantities higher than 5000 pieces? Contact our customer service and you’ll receive all information Contacts
You can buy starting from 1 box and up to the quantity available in stock. The number of pieces per box changes according to the item; you can find the number of pieces per each box in the product page of the corresponding item. Is it possible to receive samples of the items?
Yes, you can place a sample order by clicking on “Request a sample product” in each product page. If you want to order a complete pack (bottle/jar and suitable accessories), you have to select the sample of each component in the product page of each item.
Yes, you can buy the single accessory; you have to enter section “Accessories” on the website; Stocksmetic does not guarantee the perfect compatibility with items combined with items other than the ones on our catalogue.
The length of the dip tube of the pumps is defined according to the bottle you’re going to buy; if you just buy the pump, the length of the dip tube is the one indicated in the corresponding product page.
There’s a product sheet for each item on our catalogue, and in box PRODUCT INFORMATION you’ll find all the technical details and the printable area
Stocksmetic guarantees the functionality of the packaging, while compatibility tests are at customer’s charge.
Goods are shipped from Italy.
Approximate delivery times are around 3-5 working days from the date of receipt of payment; in case of shipments to USA or Canada, delivery times are about 10 working days.
We can ship to Italy, Europe, USA and Canada with express courier TNT. Stocksmetic can delivery in parcels or pallet. You can select the delivery method that you prefer. If you choose the delivery on pallet, you have to be fully equipped for the unloading of goods; on the contrary, our courier reserves the right not to delivery.
You can check the status of the order directly in your account on our website, by selecting the corresponding order.
We’ll send you an email every time that there is a status update, and we’ll communicate to you the tracking number of your shipment, as soon as the order leaves our warehouse; in case of pick-up of goods by our warehouse, we’ll give to you by email overall dimensions of your order, so that you can organize the pick-up with your courier. For any other information you can contact our customer service.
An essential oil is an arrangement of aromatic oils of natural and/or synthetic origin, and is one of the raw materials needed to make, for example, an eau-de-parfum; Combined with alcohol and water, it makes it possible to compose a perfume, which, depending on the concentration of these three main ingredients, is then distinguished as Eau de cologne (fragrance concentration between 2 and 5%), Eau de toilette (fragrance concentration between 8% and 12%), Eau de parfum (fragrance concentration 15-20%), Parfum (fragrance concentration over 20%).
Stocksmetic's essential oils contain both natural and synthetic ingredients, guaranteeing their consistent quality and performance.

Synthetics are in fact used to recreate very rare and very expensive raw materials (such as ambergris for example), or banned ones (such as animal musk, which is derived from the secretions produced by a deer). They are therefore considered today as the ecological alternative to natural ingredients, with a view to sustainability and environmental awareness.

Natural ingredients are often substituted for synthetic ones also to cope with the continuous variation in cost and quality that nature brings, thus allowing the performance of the essential oil and its cost per kg to remain almost unchanged over the years.

The fear that synthetic molecules may somehow be unsafe to apply to the skin is unfounded; modern synthetic molecules are safe or sometimes even safer than natural ingredients. In fact, most allergic reactions are caused by natural raw materials, whereas synthetic molecules are efficiently produced and tested for years before entering the market.

All essential oils are sold by the kilo, ranging from 0.5kg to 25kg.
The price per kg for the same essential oil varies depending on the format, thus allowing you to assess both the cost and the quantity needed for your production according to your needs. Such a small sales size is a novelty in the essential oil market, which usually requires minimum order quantities of around 15-20 kg.
All essential oils are shipped in aluminium bottles approved for the transport and storage of these materials. Essential oils are always shipped separately from any other products ordered together, because they are classified as dangerous goods" and require special packaging and care during transport."
Yes, you can order either the 30ml sample of the pure essential oil, as you will receive it with your production order; or the sample of the essential oil already blended into an Eau de Parfum, home fragrance, or cosmetic composition.

The purpose of the blended samples is exclusively to evaluate the olfactory performance of the essential oil within an alcoholic or cosmetic formulation.
Certainly, SDSs are available upon request, simply email us at [email protected] with your order number after placing your order.
Samples are available from stock so they are shipped in a couple of days, as per all Stocksmetic samples. For a production order, however, it can take up to 30 days depending on the quantity required.

This is because we do not keep in stock the essential oils which instead are produced from scratch with each order.

Delivery times then follow the usual TNT and Fedex times of about 3-4 working days.
Yes, with Stocksmetic you can now buy label and box to combine with the bottle or jar you’re buying. You can buy label and box in the product page of the bottle/jar or you can enter section “Labels and Boxes” and filter all the labels and boxes of your container, inserting its product code in the search field. You just have to select the finishing of paper and printing you’d like to buy and add the items to the cart Can I complete my pack with label and box, personalized with my graphic?
In the product page of the bottle or jar, you can find the article code, that will allow you to filter all suitable labels and boxes. Where can I find the code of the bottle or jar to insert in section ''Boxes and labels''?
Yes, the box of every bottle or jar is designed to adapt to all accessories combinations you’ll find in every product page.
The MOQ is 100 pieces for each label or box.
No, we don’t; Stocksmetic has realized die cuts for each item available on the website, and no other cost will be charged to the customer.
It is an internal reinforced white flute cardboard, that can guarantee a higher protection to the glass packaging. All bottles and jars in glass will have this inner card. The cost of the inner is included in the price you see in the product page.
Insert the item in the card, conclude the order and go on with the payment. Download the file with instructions and layout for the uploading of your graphic; apply your graphic in the layout and upload your printing file directly in your account.
In each product page of labels and boxes, you can find Pdf instruction file with all information to prepare your printing file to upload in your printing area. In each page you’ll find also the file with die cut layout. You’ll also receive both files via mail.
As soon as we receive the payment of your order, we’ll start the uploading procedure of your graphic in our systems. You’ll receive an email with the die cutting layout to upload in your account.
Stocksmetic’s graphic department will only make a technical check, to verify if the file respects printing requirements; I case of problems, you’ll be contacted via mail. Stocksmetic won’t make typing check on printing files.
We do not realize pre-production samples, but you can buy here the sample kit in which you’ll see all the finishing for labels and boxes and touch with hand the quality of paper and printing.
You’ll receive your personalized product in about 5-6 working days, from the approval date of your graphic. We’ll send you an email as soon as our graphic department approves the graphic.
You can check the status of your project in your account. Every update will be communicated to via email as well.
Don’t you have a graphic? Don’t worry, our designer team will help you creating one! Contact us to receive an estimation from our customer service Contacts
Contact our customer service for any information.
Screen printing
Yes, now with Stocksmetic, you can screen-print your graphic on a selection of our plastic and glass bottles and jars in various finishes. You can choose the service and one of the 17 colours available on the page relating to the glass or jar where this option is offered.
The service is available for most of the bottles and jars in the catalogue. In the “screen printable pack” you will find all the articles that offer this option.
The minimum quantity that can be purchased is 200 pieces for each graphic.
Yes, the only extra cost is the start cost, i.e. the cost of starting up the machine, including the creation of the silkscreen frame for printing the graphic. The start cost will be double if a screen print is chosen for both the front and back of the bottle.
On the product page relating to the bottle or jar, select the screen printing service and one of the colours available, complete the order and proceed to payment. Download the file with the instructions and the layout for uploading your graphic; apply the graphic in the layout and upload your print file directly in your personal area. Along with your order confirmation, you will also receive an email explaining the procedure for uploading your graphic.
On the product page relating to the bottle or jar, you will find a PDF instructions file containing all the information you need to prepare your print file to be uploaded to your print area. On the page you will also find the file with the die cut pattern.
As soon as we receive payment for your order, we will activate the graphic upload procedure in our systems. You will receive an email with instructions on how to upload the graphic to your personal area.
Stocksmetic’s graphics department will check that the file complies with the print requirements and then approve or reject the file. If the graphic is approved, we will upload the final print file, which you must approve before we can send your creation to production. If your graphic is rejected, our Customer Service will contact you and give you instructions on how to amend your file.
PLEASE NOTE: Your creation will not be sent to production until you accept the final print-ready artwork file.
We do not create pre-production samples, but you can purchase the “screen printing sample kit” containing 4 bottles screen-printed in the 17 colours available. You will be able to get an idea of the print performance on the various types of packaging media offered and see with your own eyes the quality of a Stocksmetic screen-printed product. More information
You will receive your personalised product in around 4 weeks from the date you accepted the final print-ready artwork file.
You can monitor the status of your processing from your personal area. Any updates will also be notified to you via email.
You don’t have a graphic? Don’t worry! A team of designers will help you create one! Please contact us and you will receive an estimate from our Customer Service. Contacts
Please contact our customer service for any further information.
You can find here all our customer service’s contacts Contacts
We can accept the following payment methods: Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, Mybank and bank transfer.
You’ll receive the bill of lading of the ordered goods via email as soon as the order leaves our warehouse; you’ll find a paper copy of the document in the parcel and a Pdf copy in your account as well. Invoices will be issued at the end of each month; they will be sent via email and will be in your account as well.