Do it yourself summer fragrances and colognes

Do it yourself summer fragrances and colognes

Aug 12, 2016

Summertime is the perfect period to consider new beauty routines.
If you would like to experience new aromas and have fun in creating your own fresh fragrances, you have to know that the most important components of a do it yourself scent are essential oils, and how to use them in the right way. Every oil has its own evaporation time, so all the mixtures are to be made with care.

Here are some fresh blends which can wake up summer vibes.
To create a delicate scent like Forest Fairies Blend you need 40 drops of sweet orange essential oil, 20 of essential oil cedar wood, 10 of peppermint oil and 5 of rosemary oil. Then you have to add 2 vodka or water spoons. Now you need glass bottles to save the fragrance, and you can find a wide range of glass bottles on Stocksmetic.

During summertime the most intense eau de parfume are replaced with lighter products like colognes or scented waters.
The most suitable fragrances for summer are floral and citrus ones. Self-made colognes “Orange Spice”, thanks to its ingredients rich in healthy property, is a relaxing and spirit healing blend, it is also good for stress and tension.  To obtain this regenerating cologne you need 1 cinnamon stick, 25 cardamom pods, 15 cloves, 1 vanilla pod, orange peel, and 226g Vodka. First, you have to mince the spices; then add them to the vanilla pod, and mix with orange peel and Vodka, in a glass jar. You have to shake the jar every day, and after 3 weeks move the liquid in a bottle. As for the bottle, on Stocksmetic it is possible to find the one perfect for your needs, visit fragrance section to see them all.

If you like these recipes and would like to prepare some scents also during wintertime, you only have to add more spices. If you want to realize a self-made fragrance in a fast way, you can rely on this very simple floral recipe:
you need 1 water cup, some rosemary, some ground rose petals (or any other flower you like), 1 Vodka spoon and 2 oil spoons, can be right jojoba oil or almond one. Boil the water to start, and when the water will be to the boiling point you can pour oils first, and the petals. When the flowers start to color the water and to perfume the air, you are ready to pour the water in a cold bottle. Now add Vodka and rosemary. After few hours it is possible remove the petals and your fragrance will be ready!

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