Foundation: a must have for every woman

Foundation: a must have for every woman

Sep 26, 2018

It is an element that cannot be missing in every woman's make-up kit because it is the basis of a good makeup: we are talking about foundation, a product available in many colours, textures and formats. There are various types of foundation, among the most used we find the liquid, powder or compact: these are formulations suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive and delicate.

The history of foundation has ancient origins, just think that the first was invented by the Ancient Egyptians in 3300 BC at the time of Queen Cleopatra, who lightened her face, using natural clay. Although over the centuries it has always been loved and used by the female population, only from the first twenty years of the '900 will be created the first modern foundation, with the aim of giving the skin a natural complexion.

In recent decades, foundation has achieved such an extraordinary success that it has become an indispensable element in the beauty routine of women of every generation. The numbers and statistics also confirm this: Euromonitor's reports declared it the most purchased product in the make-up category worldwide in 2017. According to, the foundation market in the USA alone has reached $985 million: a real record that will continue to increase in the coming years.

But foundation is not the only makeup product for the face which is enjoying so much success. Even its allies, products that complete or make lasting the base of makeup, such as primers, concealers, powders, bronzers and blushes are increasingly chosen by women around the world.

Make your foundation line unique with Stocksmetic Packaging

Packaging is a fundamental element in the choice of a product, especially in the cosmetics sector. Stocksmetic Packaging has a wide range of bottles and jars for make-up lines, suitable for containing formulations such as foundation, primer and other make-up products.

To add a touch of elegance to your liquid foundation line, the 30 ml Heavy bottle in frosted glass, completed with the Snow cream pump in glossy gold, is a solution that combines style, design and practicality, allowing precise applications of the product. The 30 ml bottle in glossy white plastic of the Airless line, equipped with the Airless Pump, is also an ideal pack to preserve cosmetic products without external contamination. The 15 ml version of the Airless bottle, thanks to its practicality and small size, is particularly suitable to contain travel primer or bb cream.

Fondotinta e correttori liquidi

For compact foundation, bronzers or powders, Stocksmetic Packaging offers the Compact Circus Large powder. While for cream correctors, the small version of the Compact Circus, the new Petit San 4 ml transparent glass vase with Petit lid or the glossy black lipstick Circus are the perfect choice to always have a product with you that is useful for finishing make-up at any time of day. For a fluid version of the concealer, the 15 ml Airless Digital bottle allows localised applications around the eye area.

Finally, the Pure 50ml glass jar completed with the Pure black gloss lid is the right packaging for powder formulations such as foundation, powders and bronzers. Its shape makes it easy to pick up the product with a brush.

Fondotinta in crema

At the Stocksmetic website you can choose the perfect packaging and accessories for your make-up line in just a few simple steps. In addition, you can complete everything with boxes and labels, customizable with logos without additional plant costs, saving time and costs of production of your makeup line!