Cosmetics sector trends in Italy

Cosmetics sector trends in Italy

Dec 21, 2017

The world of Italian cosmetics is growing, especially abroad where Made in Italy is wanted and award-winning. Research by the Centro Studi di Cosmetica Italia confirms this, the increase of +5% in the value of Italian production compared to 2016 and +9% in sales abroad are part of a beauty market that currently in Italy is worth a total of about 10 billion Euros.

The small single branded stores and e-shops show a significant increase in purchasing trends, compared to perfumeries, pharmacies and large-scale retail outlets, which have suffered a slight setback.

In total beauty consumption, skin care is the leading sector, facial and body care products are a must for female consumers, while the male market continues to prefer fragrances as the main beauty purchase. Millennials are looking for unique and original products that express their individuality, while unisex cosmetic products capture a large proportion of the adult cosmetics market.

Trend del mercato cosmetico in Italia

Green cosmetics: organic and eco-sustainable products from ingredients to production processes

Today, sustainable and recyclable are the keywords of the food, fashion and design sectors, that's why even in the beauty world, green cosmetic is one of the most important sector trends: consumers ask for eco-friendly cosmetics both in composition, rigorously with natural and safe ingredients, and more generally in all the brand's corporate policy.

According to the most recent estimates, the turnover of organic and green cosmetics companies is around 950 billion, a value that corresponds to about 9% of the entire turnover of the beauty sector in Italy.

In order to adapt to the new needs of the cosmetic market, companies are invited to offer a range of effective and pleasant products with complete respect for the environment: this is why manufacturers need to find new natural resources that can perform better than traditional ones.

Cosmesi Green: il trend del biologico

The green policy, however, does not only concern the product, but the whole production context must be considered in terms of sustainability, starting with packaging that must guarantee safety and transparency.

Beauty Influencer: Beauty within the reach of a click

The spread of bloggers, influencers and industry professionals who promote the world of make-up through social networks with tutorials and product reviews, has made the world of beauty easy and fun. For this reason, consumers today ask cosmetics companies for simplicity, functionality and high quality standards, which allow to recreate the look seen on screen in a few moves and with few products, better if multifunctional.

The pursuit of the highest quality is becoming more and more important: products are required to eliminate all imperfections in order to obtain a naturally luminous and radiant effect. So it is precisely on the base of the make-up that we concentrate, to ensure an impeccable, professional and extremely precise result even for the less experienced consumer. In addition to the composition of the product, technological and scientific research also extends to the ergonomics of packaging, containers and applicators must guarantee a form that allows professional use and is perfectly adapted to the needs of the customer.

Beauty Influencer: la bellezza a portata di click

Asian Love: the Made in Italy trend

The spotlights of the world of cosmetics are on the Orient: Korea and Japan are a source of inspiration for cosmetics manufacturers in Italy and at the same time constitute a wide market for Made in Italy. While Korea has been known for a long time for its innovative and entertaining products, Japan is a new entry with more classic, unisex and performing products. It proposes a new style that combines Western tradition with oriental inspirations, experimenting and innovating cosmetic products under the rules of effectiveness.

Fabio Rossello, president of Cosmetica Italia, comments on the increasing demand for Made in Italy products from Asian countries: "The Italian offer of cosmetic products confirms its competitiveness at every level of the product category, with particular attention to perfumes, make-up and specific products for the body". The Made in Italy market in Asia is more and more widespread, if the Asians buy mainly creams and serums, but also perfumes and make-up, the love for Western products does not stop here, surprisingly they are in great demand for oral hygiene products. The Asian market with Japan, Korea, Thailand, but also India and the Philippines is very careful to seize the latest trends in the sector and abroad Italian products are perceived as innovative and sophisticated, thus representing a new investment opportunity for the cosmetics producers of our country.

Blossom Jeju eye cream

From product to packaging, it's up to customization

The value and quality of the great players in the cosmetics sector today are certain data for consumers; compliance with current regulations, the refinement of product compositions, especially as regards green cosmetics, are characteristics that are not questioned. Instead, what people today ask companies to do is pay more attention to communication and the aesthetic care of the product and packaging.

The trend of customization has also involved the biggest realities in the world of cosmetics, which have adapted the different formulations to the needs of their target, but have also studied packs and graphics ad hoc for each product. In the packaging sector, the customization of products with unique and recognizable graphics becomes an expression of the care and the quality of products because it communicates a further research work, to satisfy 360 degrees the experience of the end customer.

Stocksmetic Packaging was born to customize your pack and differentiate from other brands communicating the identity, quality and values of companies and individuals. To meet all customization needs in our e-shop you can choose between the Fragrance, Skin Care, Pharma, Home Fragrance and Make-up lines, which offer mini size and standard size products in glass, plastic and aluminium, and thus create your own line of cosmetic products in a simple and practical way, combining bottles, vases and accessories with a sophisticated design.

In addition, thanks to the boxes and labels section you can apply your logo and graphics to boxes for cosmetics, vases and bottles making the packaging refined, unique and of design.

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