Designer perfume bottles: the most original shapes and designs of the moment

Designer perfume bottles: the most original shapes and designs of the moment

Jun 25, 2019

Summer brings an explosion of flowers and perfumes, the best time to experiment with new fragrances. So let’s discover the new trends from the world of perfumes. Floral bouquets, enveloping essences and the most original perfume bottles of the moment


What are the most interesting fragrances for this summer? The latest releases of fashion brands make you dream, appealing both sight and smell.

Chanel knows it well, as it has produced fragrances with an unmistakable design since the launch of the famous No. 5. This summer the rectangular shape of No. 5, created in the 1920s in a minimalist and modernist style, becomes circular.

Thus Eau Tendre was born, the fourth eau de perfume of the Chance line by Chanel. A delicate fragrance with citrus and floral notes of grapefruit, quince, musk and rose. Colors and ingredients change, but the circular shape is always the same. After the Chance by Chanel, Chance Eau Vive and Chance Eau Fraîche, this edition maintains the same unique shape: a perfect circle with a square cap with the maison's logo. Like the Stocksmetic Mezzopiano glass bottle, available in 50 ml or 100 ml size.


Perfume bottles for an all-round summer

Giorgio Armani chooses soft and round lines for his summer perfume Light by Gioia. A floral fragrance based on bergamot, jasmine, white musk and woody notes that recalls the freshness and brightness of nature, enclosed in a glass bottle embellished with a jewel cap


customized perfume bottles 

We can find the same musky and floral notes in the new Pure Musc by Narciso Rodriguez For Her. A feminine scent made of musk, white flowers and cashmeran for a warm and enveloping fragrance.


The bottle is extremely minimalist and squared, like some of the perfume bottles designed by Stocksmetic. Some examples? The 100 ml Sami bottle with black reducer and capsule or the 100 ml Victor bottle with transparent Warsaw cap or the precious Viktor cap in wenge.


customized designer perfume bottles

Calvin Klein’s Women perfume bottle encloses a summer fragrance that evokes the strength and determination of the modern woman thanks to floral, woody and musky notes. The ingredients are many and perfectly balanced: black pepper and eucalyptus, bergamot and grapefruit, raspberry and cedar, magnolia, violet and white musk. For those who love square and rectangular shapes, Stocksmetic suggests the Rectangular Bottle, the 100 ml Hollywood model or the 50 ml Wing.

Extravagant perfume bottles for a sparkling and colorful summer


This summer brings with it perfumes for all tastes. The most demanding noses can opt for the juicy notes of exotic fruits. These fruity and delicious scents are perfect to be used on hot summer nights by the sea or for a party in the city.


A unique example is Thierry Mugler's iconic Angel Eau Croisère: a fruity explosion based on citrus fruits, mango and exotic fruits, black currants and patchouli. This sweet and fruity fragrance belongs to the oriental-vanilla group. But what makes it truly unique is the star-shaped and multicolor bottle, just like a cool summer cocktail.


 empty perfume bottles


Are you looking for the best inspiration for elegant and minimalist perfume bottles? The new Lancôme fragrance is the best solution for you. La Vie Est Belle En Rose has been created by the noses Anne Flipo and Dominique Ropion and features a rich bouquet of flowers and fruits. The floral and fruity notes of peony, rose and raspberry meet the citrusy scents of bergamot and the base notes of sandalwood, iris and patchouli. This fresh summer mix is ​​enclosed in a colorful and geometric bottle. Stocksmetic offers a wide range of perfume bottles and glass bottles. Some examples? The 50 ml Warsaw glass bottle or the 100 ml Kubos bottle, to be completed with Gorge sealing ring and spray pump in glossy silver, Trendy red ribbon and the elegant Melanie cap.


 customized perfume bottles

For the 2019 summer Roberto Cavalli offers an intense, luxurious and enveloping essence. Florence Amber mixes citrus, powdery and floral scents where the gardenia meets the sweetness of quince and honey, together with the citrus notes of lemon, mandarin and 

cypress. How about the perfume bottle? A real collector's item, richly decorated with weaves in relief.


trendy perfume bottles

Givenchy, instead, launches the Interdit Édition Couture, a luxurious fragrance that pays homage to the maison’s laces and dresses. The sinuous and rounded bottle contains a bouquet of jasmine, orange and bergamot flowers, as well as sweet hints of vanilla and patchouli. The Stocksmetic proposal for this kind of perfume container is the Barnum glass bottle, available in the 50 ml size and customizable with many different accessories.

Perfume bottles out of the box


Let's conclude our review of the most original perfume bottles for the summer 2019. Kenzo launches Flower by Kenzo Eau de Vie, a floral and slightly spicy mix for a fresh, unconventional summer. What's the ingredients of this perfume? Bergamot, ginger and tonka bean, with Bulgarian rose, white musk and vanilla. The unmistakable bottle has been created by the French sculptor Serge Mansau for Kenzo: a cylindrical glass bottle curved like a poppy moved by the wind.


designer perfume bottles

The new Jimmy Choo Floral is a floral-fruity fragrance with a finely decorated bottle. A very fresh mix between the floral notes of magnolia and apricot blossom and the juicy ones of nectarine peach and bergamot, enclosed in a precious and elegant bottle. Like the ampoule-shaped perfume bottles supplied by Stocksmetic. Discover the Gala or Spring 50 ml bottle, the 100 ml Amphore bottle or the 100 ml Victoria glass bottle.

Designer perfume bottles like real sculptures


Finally, the most demanding can choose designer perfume bottles like Shade of Sunrise limited edition by Issey Miyake. A very special package for an intense and vivid fragrance based on citrus fruits, sandalwood, coconut milk and jasmine.

customized perfume bottles 

Or the Mugler Aura Eau de Parfum Sensuelle: a small, iridescent heart shaped bottle for a fresh scent of the oriental and vanilla family. This fragrance mixes the floral notes of gardenia with the spicy ones of cinnamon and sandalwood, and finally comes to white musk and green notes.

Stocksmetic Packaging: the best solution for perfume bottles


So here are the most original perfume bottles of the moment. As we have seen, there is something for every taste! So why not experiment?


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