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Cosmetic packaging

"Packaging is an essential marketing tool that has the task of convincing the user to whom it is addressed to purchase, allowing the product to stand out from other competitors in the same category"

Who does Stocksmetic cater to?

Stocksmetic.com caters primarily to companies and individuals who are looking for cosmetic packaging and perfume packaging, with a curate and attractive design. Nowadays, in a offering saturated market, the packaging of a product significantly influences the propensity of consumers to buy, and is often the determining factor which leads to the choice of a particular brand at the expense of another. The packaging is the real business card of a product, especially in a highly competitive market such as the cosmetic and perfumes lines one. For these reasons, on Stocksmetic.com, Premi always offers its customers packaging made from high quality materials and highly refined design.

The packaging of Stocksmetic.com

Articles offered by Stocksmetic.com are divided into four main categories:


Dedicated to cosmetic packaging, which includes a wide range of airless bottles, plastic bottles, glass bottles, glass and plastic jars


Designed for perfumes packaging, composed of glass bottles, sampling and rollon bottles


Designed specifically for 
pharmaceutical packaging, made up of glass bottles for medications and pills jars


Designed for environment 
fresheners packaging


Dedicated to cosmetic packaging,  which includes a wide range of  airless bottles, plastic bottles,  glass bottles, glass jars plastic jars

The fragrances packaging: the Fragrance Collection

Our Fragrance Collection offers a wide selection of products for perfumes packaging.
Within this collection you can choose between different types of glass bottles for perfumes made with a unique design and easily adaptable to individual needs. 

Once you have chosen the products, in the accessories for bottles section, you can match the products purchased with different kinds of caps, such as capsules and spray pumps. Thanks to the wide choice of colors available, you can customize both the capsules of the chosen bottles and the collars, thus making the selected packaging unique.

Furthermore, the Fragrance Collection provides sampling bottles made of glass or plastic, the classic "testers" who are gifted in perfumery, to allow potential new consumers to try a fragrance before proceeding with the purchase of real perfume.

Finally, among other types of perfumes packaging present in the Stocksmetic.com web site, you can find the rollon bottles, particularly appreciated by consumers due to the convenience of application of the fragrance contained therein.

Once you have chosen the products, in the accessories for bottles section you can match the purchased products with different kinds of caps, such as capsules and spray pumps. Also in this case, thanks to the wide choice of colors available, you can customize both the capsules of the chosen bottles and the collars. You can also make your bottle more appealing choosing to enrich it with a charm, such as an elegant bow.

The Cosmetic Packaging: the Skin Care Collection

On Stocksmetic.com, through its line of skin care products, Premi proposes cosmetic packaging including highly customized design jars and bottles suitable to contain various types of beauty products. Airless bottles represent a type of cosmetic packaging lines optimal for the maintenance of the product in a pure environment and without external contaminations, granting to the final user the maximum hygiene and practicality of use thanks to a convenient dosing controller. This type of bottles finds its ideal use for containing serums, primers, glossy foundations and body creams.

The Skin Care Collection also provides various types of jars for cosmetic packaging, both made of plastic or glass. Glass jars are the perfect containers for beauty creams, eye contour, scrubs and masks, while plastic jars, are more suitable for face creams, masks or foodstuffs. Finally, complete the Skin Care Collection, the plastic bottles and the clear or frosted glass bottles.

Plastic bottles, with a linear and chic design, are ideal for containing products such as tonics, cleansing milk, body lotion and shower gel.

Glass bottles, available in both transparent and frosted glass, are designed to contain products such as fluid foundations, serums, eye and facial creams.

On Stocksmetic.com you can find many accessories for cosmetic packaging to match the selected products;  through the different options there are different cream pumps in different shapes, droppers, flip top caps, or disc top, useful for applying small amounts of product. There are also pump dispensers, perfect for dispensing creams or soap, or spray pumps to apply lotions to be atomized. Each cap is available in a wide range of colors, from black to the elegant shiny gold.

The Pharmaceutical packaging: the Pharma Collection

Stocksmetic, with its Pharma line of products, offers several solutions for pharmaceutical and herbal preparations.

Inside the section dedicated to pharmaceutical packaging, glass bottles for medications are available, ideal for storing emulsions and liquid pharmaceutical preparations, and plastic pill jars, suitable for products such as food supplements or pharmaceutical tablets.

Also for this collection several accessories for the packaging of pharmaceutical products are available: you can customize the containers supplementing them with flip top caps, droppers for liquid items that need to be taken in certain doses, and simple spray pumps.

The Environment Fresheners packaging: the Home Fragrance collection

We also take care of the environment fresheners packaging: inside the ecommerce you can buy different sized containers, perfect to hold perfumed oils for the environment. The Home Fragrance line proposes a ready to use line of packaging complete with capsule and sticks.

The importance of Cosmetic Packaging

The secondary packaging of cosmetics, as well as facilitating the safe transport of the product and to maintain the primary packaging in its original condition during storage, plays a fundamental role in the marketing technique that is designed around the product itself.

The packaging related to cosmetic containers, not only is critical to ensure a particular product differentiation from other brands, but leads the consumer, thanks to the labels applied, to a greater awareness of the characteristics of the product. The design of innovative and successful packaging influences the consume attitude on the part of the potential customer, allowing it to draw the attention of the consumer and stand out from other products on the shelves. Premi is aware of the potential of perfumes packaging and cosmetic packaging, and as such offers its customers a network of partners specialized in packaging customization for all the products on sale in our website.

Packaging is a vehicle that represents the reliability of a brand, for this reason we use only high quality materials.

We are always at your disposal. Do not hesitate to contact our customer service for any information or need.

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