Perfume bottles that talk about you: different shapes to suit every taste

Perfume bottles that talk about you: different shapes to suit every taste

Mar 20, 2018

Our fragrance says a lot about us. And what about the shape of the bottle? Perfume bottles are not all the same: each one of them tells a different story, revealing a lot about the fragrance and the message that it wants to convey. So let's find out how to choose the most suitable bottle for every kind of fragrance.

The fragrance world has always been one of the cornerstones of the Stocksmetic Packaging supply. Those who work in this field surely know that packaging is an essential element to launch a new perfume because it has to be a pleasure for eyes too. In fact, even before discovering the firts notes of an essence, the perfumery customer is attracted and intrigued by the bottle design. Therefore, packaging is the key to bring customer closer to your perfume bottle among all the others lined up on the shelf. For this reason the choice of the best perfume bottles can be crucial to the success of a new fragrance line. What we are going to discover today is how best to combine each packaging with its perfume and the atmosphere it evokes.

Stocksmetic offers a complete range of glass perfume bottles in the most diverse shapes and sizes: geometric, rounded or vials? Perfume bottles with essential and compact design or elongated and sinuous lines? Discover which one is perfect for you!

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Perfume bottles with soft and rounded lines

Glass perfume bottles with rounded and reassuring lines are perfect for preserving sweet and enveloping fragrances. Both feminine and masculine fragrances with warm and sensual notes perfectly match with a rounded packaging. Some examples? The 100 ml Juicy glass bottle, the 50 ml Oslo bottle or the Eclat bottle in 100 ml.

And what about the very elegant Mezzopiano glass bottle? Available in 50 or 100 ml size, this perfect circle with a "flat" effect is the ideal pack to embellish the most delicate and sophisticated fragrances.

For the most romantic female fragrances Stocksmetic suggests the 100ml Amphore perfume bottle, which embraces every fragrance with sweet and refined lines.

Perfume bottles with minimal and geometric design

A strong scent requires a suitable and high-quality packaging. For the most intense fragrances which express strength and determination, the best choice is a compact packaging with strong and essential lines.

In the Stocksmetic supply you can find the squared and sharp lines of the Victor glass bottle in 30 ml size and customizable with a wide range of accessories: the perfect pack both for men's and women's fragrances. Now available in the newest black or white edition! Varnished glass bottles with glossy white or total black finish in 50 or 100 ml size, for a packaging always in line with the latest trends.

The 100 ml Flex perfume bottle harmonizes a strong style with a slightly rounded bottom.

But you can choose also the elegant 50 ml Hollywood bottle, designed for fresh feminine fragrances which follow the latest fashion trends, since it can be completed with a classy black bow and a clear cap.

luxury perfume bottles

Inspiring luxury perfume bottles

The most evocative fragrances find their ideal partner in perfume bottles with elongated and refined lines. For your luxury line, Stocksmetic provides tall glass containers with round or square-section like the Cilindro or Kubos perfume bottles.

For exclusive fragrances that create dreamy atmospheres and scent explosions you can opt for the elongated and flaming lines of the Flame 50 ml bottle. A real must for those who are looking for a refined and timeless design is the elegant Warsaw model in 50 ml size.

Original glass bottles for unique and unconventional fragrances

A truly unique solution for those who love non-conformist design are the original drop-shaped perfume bottles. In our assortment you can find the Gala glass bottle with its elegant and evocative design, but also the important lines of the 100 ml Victoria bottle.

Two other high-impact solutions are the Muse bottle in 50 ml with slender lines that shrink on the bottom or, at the opposite, the 50 ml Spring glass bottle with a wide and round bottom.


elegant perfume bottles 

Masculine perfume bottles

For intense masculine essences with sensual spicy or woody notes, Stocksmetic has designed a series of glass bottles with a strong and bold look. You can start from the geometric lines of the Wing glass bottle, moving on with the refined minimalism of the Rio bottle in 100 ml, up to the Rifle finely decorated glass bottle.

Travel size perfume bottles for quick touch-ups

Does your fragrance line target dynamic customers who, even after the gym or during a trip, don't give up a quick touch-up of their favorite fragrance? Stocksmetic provides a range of perfume bottles in the practical travel size: roll-on or spray bottles such as the Trend Vial 15 ml, the 10 ml Cylinder mini-size bottle and the Vip bottle in 5 ml size.

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Stocksmetic Packaging: a complete line of accessories, boxes and labels to personalize your perfume bottles

To create a truly unique and eye-catching fragrance line Stocksmetic Packaging offers you a wide assortment of accessories to give character to each bottle. Discover the Charms, elegant bows in colored satin, the collars with gold or silver finish, and the whole range of spray pumps and metallic or clear caps. Customizing your perfume bottles has never been this fun!
You can finally complete your packaging with customizable boxes and labels with your graphics to best communicate your brand and your fragrances.
Continue to follow Stocksmetic and find out how easy it is to create the best cosmetic and fragrance packaging in just a few simple clicks. Thanks to the experience of Stocksmetic Packaging and the best quality of its raw materials, you can immediately start creating your line of perfume bottles!