2020 Make-up Trend: products for a unique look

2020 Make-up Trend: products for a unique look

Jun 25, 2020

Even in 2020, one of every woman's beauty allies continues to be make-up. Despite the fact that at this particular time women's faces are covered by protective masks, they will not give up make-up by highlighting their eyes and eyebrows in particular.

Trend Make-up 2020: tra ombretti e mascara

In particular, according to the new 2020 make-up trends, they will opt for intense eyeshadows with a real return to metallic colors such as gray or bronze. For all those who love to dare, during the summer, super-coloured eyeshadows will also be used, making the look even more magnetic.

Whether in cream or powder, the eyeshadows will give an elegant smokey eye effect accompanied by eyeliner, giving a unique touch to the final make-up.

Trend Make-up 2020: gli ombretti metallici

Mascara will also be more and more a must-have, not only in classic black but also in more eccentric colours such as electric blue or fuchsia. Eyelashes, moreover, will have to be more voluminous, long and well-defined, preferring all-in-one and waterproof formulations.

Finally, the eyebrows will be highlighted thanks to bold-effect products that will give maximum definition.

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