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The perfect products for acne-prone skin

The perfect products for acne-prone skin

May 11, 2022

Healthy and beautiful skin is actually the result of a balanced lifestyle combined with a conscious personal care routine: the reasons for acne, in fact, are to be found not only in diet but also in daily skincare habits.

Generally speaking, the age group most affected is, as we all know, the teenage years, but recently we are encountering more and more cases of acne not only related to age but also to "bad" habits or lifestyle, such as stress. This has given rise to different types of acne, such as cellakne, caused by rubbing the face with a mobile phone, which is certainly not known as a clean surface, blue light acne associated with digital ageing, and finally maskne caused by a lack of oxygen and the consequent changes in the skin's pH.

If on the one hand we can list major causes such as genetics, sebaceous glands and hormones, on the other, we can call "minor causes", but no less important, incorrect diet, smoking and UV rays but also stress, the gut and its microbial balance.

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Skincare vs Acne with Stocksmetic Packaging

The main advice when dealing with acne-prone skin is to be patient and consistent, return to less stressful rhythms and healthier foods, and finally check your beauty routine, embarking on a course with specific products according to your skin type, age, seasons of the year and the presence/absence of the other problems listed above.

Good cleansing is one of the most effective remedies for acne-prone skin and the basis of any skincare routine: create a gentle yet purifying cleanser for acne and see how our 150 ml Sharp bottle is ideal for this type of application thanks to its Disc Top cap. A lightweight exfoliating product is also a must. For acne-prone skin, you need a product with a micropeeling action that reduces blemishes and acne marks while gently exfoliating and smoothing the skin. The 50 ml Pure bottle in white glass combined with its dropper is perfect because it lends itself well to proper application: with a pad or directly on cleansed skin. The same bottle can also be combined with the Maky cream pump to allow you to create a well balanced skincare line complete with a face cream specifically for this problem and which simultaneously decongests, soothes and moisturises impure skin. 

Let Stocksmetic Packaging assist you in the creation of your skincare line against acne: in just a few clicks you can customise it as you wish with the silkscreen printing service or with our cosmetic packaging boxes with your logo and graphics.