Perfume bottles: discover all the new Stocksmetic products

Perfume bottles: discover all the new Stocksmetic products

Nov 29, 2018

Fragrances are never enough, they change as the seasons pass and according to the current mood. And perfume bottles are not so different! Stocksmetic Packaging knows that: for this reason we are constantly looking for new and original shapes to meet every need. So, here are the latest news among Stocksmetic perfume bottles!

In a previous article we talked about olfactory marketing and the importance of perfumes to evoke memories and emotions. Thanks to this fragrances’ innate ability, more and more companies have decided to build their own olfactory identity to be remembered in a unique and immediate way. Hence the olfactory logo is born, that is a sort of signature that appeals to the smell to make a brand or product immediately recognizable.

But there is much more besides smell! The choice of the right packaging has the very important purpose of enhancing a perfume also from an aesthetic point of view. In fact, perfume bottles are the first and immediate business card for a company.

For this reason it is essential to choose high quality containers that, above all, enhance the concept behind a perfume creation. Fragrances and bottles must therefore create a perfect mix in which the idea that company wants to communicate is expressed in a unique and harmonious way. It is no coincidence that the most famous fragrances of all time have stood out for iconic bottles with an original design.

Stocksmetic’s perfume bottles are designed to preserve the fragrances in all their freshness with a special regard for the latest trends in cosmetic packaging. This is why we put a constant effort in the development of new lines and innovative designs, in order to best meet the needs of a constantly evolving market.

Perfume bottles home fragrance

Home fragrance bottles

One of the most evident applications of olfactory marketing is certainly home fragrances. In fact, it has been demonstrated that purchases in a store and hotel stays depend also on the perfume of those environments. The right fragrance allows customers to associate one brand with a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The positive memory of the shopping experience or of the hotel stay will therefore help to retain customers and invite them to come back again.

Home fragrance collection has been designed by Stocksmetic for those who want to launch their own line of ambiance perfumes. The broad assortment of plastic or glass perfume bottles has been extended with a new model and a bottle line.

The first innovation is the Quadrat glass bottle with essential and geometric lines. These home diffusers, available in 100, 200 or 500 ml size and also in the 2.5 litres maxi-format, are the ideal choice for the most exclusive spaces, where they become true pieces of interior design.

The new Essence collection enhances the range of cosmetic packaging lines: glass bottles of 100, 200 or 500 ml with sinuous and elegant lines. A decidedly original design that won’t go unnoticed in any environment!

Personalized fragrances and perfume bottles

Even in the perfumery world the eye wants its part. For those who are looking for the best partner to launch their own perfume line, Stocksmetic offers a series of new glass bottles with original shapes.

Let's start with the 50 ml Cubique bottle: a squared opaque glass model that is perfect if combined with the Warsaw cap. Another news is certainly the Tokyo glass bottle with a slightly concave profile and available in the practical 100 ml format.

Our collection of varnished containers has been extended with the black and white version of a best seller like the 100 ml Victor bottle, available in white or black with a glossy covering effect. Our advice? Complete your packaging with tone-on-tone accessories such as the "Luxury" Zama cap in black and white version. The extra-luxury effect will be ensured!

Complete your perfume bottles choosing the most suitable accessory between caps, spray pumps and collars in different finishes. For a completely customized packaging, you just have to select the box and the label for the chosen bottle and decorate both with your graphics or your company logo.

Continue to follow us for more information and the latest products created by Stocksmetic Packaging. What are you waiting for? Rely on our experience and realize your own line of fragrances and home perfume bottles!

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