How to choose the most suitable perfume bottles for each brand

How to choose the most suitable perfume bottles for each brand

Nov 30, 2016

In this article our Stocksmetic team explains how to choose the most suitable perfume bottles for each brand.

We have already seen how to leverage the wide range of bottles for perfumes offered by Stocksmetic, both to contain do it yourself perfumes and to create your own custom line of fragrances. Today, our Stocksmetic team wants to propose you a few tips to choose the most suitable perfumes bottles for each brand. Thanks to our decades of experience in the fragrance industry, we thought to frequently asked questions for who is preparing to create its own line of perfumes and wants to learn more about the world of packaging. Let's get started.

What is meant by "packaging of a perfume"?

The packaging is the first thing to consider when we want to choose the perfect bottle for a perfume. With packaging we mean the methods of packing and presentation of our product, designed to make it easy to use and transport, but especially pleasing to the eye and appealing to the consumer. In the perfume and beauty markets, in fact, the packaging is a key factor in convincing consumers during the purchase. One of its main functions is to support the brand and to communicate the idea behind the product.

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Why is it such an important factor for the brand?

Because the brand of a fragrance is the element that remains the most impressed in consumers' minds, if we can build loyalty to our brand of perfume, it will be easier that they will buy it instead of other. Because of this it is essential that the packaging is appropriateto the product and the image of the brand. Investing time and resources in the development of a bottle can determine the success or failure of a brand of perfume.

What is the perfect packaging for a perfume?

Packaging of the product is the most immediate aspect that the consumer sees when getting ready to buy a perfume. The packagings can be very different and vary depending on the shape, capacity and finishes. The possibilities to decorate the bottles for perfumes are endless, and creativity becomes an essential element in making our product as original as possible. If we are creative enough to give our bottle a good look and a personalized style we have done a good job. The look of the product in fact will seem to fit perfectly for the brand. For example, a perfume bottle designed for a target audience of teenagers will have an entirely different image from the one addressed to a businessman.

What are the types of packaging for perfumes available in the market?

We can mainly distinguish between two types of packaging:

  • The customized packaging ensures that you get a unique and recognizable packaging, and is often adopted by the most prestigious brands. However this is a very expensive type of packaging compared to a standard packaging, both in terms of time and resources.
  • On the market there are also bottles from the standard packaging, available in multiple forms and different capacities. Often they are using simple shapes such as those cylindrical, square or rectangular, and containers of 30, 50 or 100 ml, easy to shape without having to create new molds.

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Our advice?

Choose one of our standard packaging for your fragrances. To make it truly unique, we at Stocksmetic recommend that you try our 360° personalization service. We have selected a network with the best professionals in the industry to give you full support in the creation and customization of your packaging. A custom standard bottle can get the same results on the consumer as a tailor made one, but with less investment and faster time to market. For businesses, there are also other advantages. You can create, for example, ad hoc testing products to test market reactions and try different decorative options. You can also order samples easily and with a minimum order lower than the bottles for custom perfumes. We can then apply further changes before finally launching the product on the market: by doing so we will have more possibilities to enhance the success of the brand.

How to create the perfect bottle?

Especially if it is the launch of a new fragrance, the Stocksmetic team suggests that you take a standard solution, and customize it together with our partners. In the study of the perfect bottle three main elements have to be examined: the brand image, the target consumer and the type of fragrance that you want to launch on the market. The analysis of these three components will be helpful to give us an idea about the form and the optimal capacity of our bottle. Some proposals of packaging will then be developed. Those, in addition to adapt to the image of the brand, will best valorize it.

How to choose the form and capacity?

Our advice is to avoid, especially at first launch and if the brand is not yet known, perfume bottles with whimsical shapes. In fact, the consumer could not positively welcome a too eccentric packaging for a new product. The ideal would be a size 15 neck FEA because you can choose from a wide range of caps to decorate the bottle and make it more aesthetically pleasing. Furthermore, the more the surface is large and flat, the simpler and more consistent the decoration will be.

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In addition to the shape, the glass bottles for fragrances can have a wide range of capacity. It is an important factor in conferring personality to the product and then to the brand. However, it's crucial to remember to leave a margin in the container because the alcohol expands if exposed to high temperatures. In our experience, those who provide perfume bottles should not only be merchants who sells by catalog, but must also have technical and aesthetic expertise on the best packaging for your product.

What are the latest trends?

The trend of recent years is to make perfume bottles with basic shapes, often simple and geometric. But the aim is to attract the attention of consumers with details and decorations to give a feeling of luxury and exclusivity. A new trend is also to use materials that offer a "sensory appeal" like wood and "soft touch" finishes. Our proposal? Stocksmetic proposes bottles for perfumes of the cosmetic wood line with elegant plugs in wengè or bleached wood. The materials used for the packaging of perfumes will help to increase the emotional experience of the customer, through smell, sight and touch. Finally, it is interesting to notice how the male fragrances market is maturing rapidly. More and more often men buy perfumes for themselves and, accordingly, the manufacturing companies of fragrances are adapting with the use of unisex shapes for their bottles.