Stocksmetic Packaging: a quality service to create your cosmetic packaging online just in a few clicks

Stocksmetic Packaging: a quality service to create your cosmetic packaging online just in a few clicks

Feb 28, 2018

Fragrance, skin care, home fragrance, pharma or makeup? Every cosmetic product needs a tailor-made packaging. For each category you will find a wide selection of bottles and jars, made of plastic, aluminum or glass with different finishes and sizes.

Decades of experience in fragrance, skincare and pharmaceutical fields make Stocksmetic able to create packaging solutions with a refined design in line with the latest trends. Each solution is specifically designed to preserve the integrity of your products. For this reason Stocksmetic offers you online cosmetic packaging which combine functionality, design and high quality raw materials.

Choose the perfect accessory for each bottle, complete your packaging with boxes and labels with your design, select the quantity of boxes, and you're done.

Stocksmetic is one of the first cosmetic packaging supply website mainly addressed to B2B market. With a minimum order of only one box you can immediately start creating the perfect packaging for your products with just a few clicks, thanks to an intuitive and user-friendly e-commerce and our team's assistance. Stocksmetic Packaging guarantees secure payments and shipments throughout Europe, Canada and United States. For this reason you will quickly receive your order: 3-5 working days or 10 for shipping to Canada and USA.

Have you already seen our video and want to find out all the cosmetic packaging you can easily purchase online in a few clicks? So, let's discover all the Stocksmetic Packaging supply.

Online cosmetic packaging for perfumes and home fragrances

perfume packaging online

If you are looking for the perfect bottle to start your fragrance line, you can choose from a wide range of glass or plastic bottles, that are refined, versatile and functional. The Stocksmetic supply includes bottles in 10, 15, 30, 50 or 100 ml size available both in spray and roll-on version, but also sampling bottles in the practical mini-size format. One size for every need. Stocksmetic gives you a packaging line totally customizable according to your style and the context of use of your products.

In order to give you the highest quality and safely seal your perfume bottles without product spills, Stocksmetic also supplies two crimping machines available both in manual and pneumatic version. These machines, easy to handle and ideal for small productions, let you hermetically seal each fragrance bottle with its ring and spray pump in a few simple steps.

If you want to make your fragrance line truly unique, you can customize it with endless accessories combinations like caps and charms, but also with a complete line of boxes and labels with your graphics. In our online store you will find all the accessories, boxes and labels both in their respective areas and in the product page of each bottle or jar.

home fragrance packaging perfumes

Still speaking of scents, we cannot avoid mentioning all the packaging solutions designed by Stocksmetic for home fragrance diffusers. If you want to start an exclusive line of home fragrances or, why not, scented candles, Stocksmetic has the right product for you.
In the Home Fragrance section you can find elegant glass or plastic bottles complete with caps, rings and wooden sticks, and 90 or 250 ml glass candleholders, in line with home fragrance new trends.
cosmetic packaging online

Online cosmetic packaging for make up and skin care products

The Skin care line offers you a wide range of bottles and jars with essential and refined design made of glass, plastic or aluminum. The choice ranges from the practical sampling size up to 400 ml containers. Let's find out which is the best packaging for your skincare products. Airless, foamer, aluminum bottles or hermetically sealed jars to safely preserve every product formulation. You will be spoiled for choice! Stocksmetic enriches its offer of online cosmetic packaging with the exclusive Color Collection of metallized and coated bottles and jars for a truly unique design.
Would you like to produce your first make-up line? Discover the new Stocksmetic Make Up Collection: a wide variety of specific bottles and jars which combines functionality, usability and an essential but sophisticated design. You can find bottles for foundation, mascara and eyeliner, but also lipstick and lipgloss containers. Stocksmetic's supply is completed by Compact containers for eye shadow, bronzer and face powder, but also specific bottles and jars for nail polish, eye contour and face cream. A complete range of exclusive cosmetic packaging to create your first make up collection.
pharmaceutical packaging

Online pharmaceutical packaging

For those who work in the pharmaceutical field and are looking for a functional and high quality packaging for their products, Stocksmetic Packaging designed the Pharma collection. Firstly, the best pharmaceutical packaging must suit the product: for this reason is required extreme versatility to store medicines, food supplements, essential oils and aqueous solutions, while preserving their beneficial properties. Stocksmetic has therefore studied a wide assortment of jars and bottles. Airless plastic bottles for cosmetic products, clear or colored glass bottles customizable with spray pumps or droppers and practical plastic pills jars in different formats.

Stocksmetic Packaging: the best place to buy cosmetic packaging online

If you are looking for a complete line of cosmetic or pharmaceutical products, Stocksmetic has studied a specific area where you can find ideas for starting your personalized line.
cosmetic lines packaging
In the Collections area you will find several combinations of bottles and jars specifically designed for different product concepts. Just a few examples:
  • The Wood cosmetic line, including bottles and jars elegantly finished with natural or wengé wood accessories, is the best choice for natural and luxury cosmetic products.
  • Specially designed for barber shops that are about to launch their own cosmetic line, the Barber collection  combines specific bottles and jars made of glass, plastic or aluminum for products dedicated to beard, mustache and hair care.
  • One last example is the Thalasso plastic jars line with hermetic sealing, perfect for storing creamy products without external contamination or product leakage.

The choice of the perfect packaging to best enhance your fragrance or cosmetic line requires care and attention to detail. For this reason Stocksmetic gives you the chance to request a sample of 3 pieces of each product for only € 5.00 + VAT and shipping costs. Furthermore, subscribing to our newsletter you will get a 10% discount on your first order!

Continue to follow Stocksmetic Packaging to find out all the new cosmetic packaging trends. What are you waiting for? Rely on Stocksmetic to create your cosmetic packaging line with a unique and high quality design, and discover the comfort of purchasing cosmetic packaging online in just a few clicks.