Cosmetic labels: how to read them and what does the cosmetics regulation on labeling of cosmetic products require

Cosmetic labels: how to read them and what does the cosmetics regulation on labeling of cosmetic products require

Sep 26, 2018

The starting point for creating a cosmetic line is an idea that is: clear, innovative and capable of meeting consumer needs not yet expressed or fulfilled. But if you want to launch your cosmetics on the market, the right idea is not enough. What really matters is knowing how to create a safe and effective product and choosing the most suitable cosmetic packaging. Today we are going to discover an aspect little-known but essential for those who want to face this world: cosmetic labels.

In Stocksmetic last guide we have discovered what are the steps to create a cosmetic line. From the concept to the type of product, up to the most suitable cosmetic packaging to preserve it. After reviewing the wide range of cosmetic containers, looking for the most convenient for each product, the final step is the personalization of the box and the choice of the information to be printed on the cosmetic labels.

Labeling is an aspect that could go unnoticed but, in reality, is essential to launch your own cosmetic line. In fact, this step does not only serves to customize bottles and jars with your own logo and a combined graphics, but firstly guarantees the product’s safety for consumers.

Cosmetic labels: the European regulatory framework

The EC Regulation No. 1223/2009 defines any cosmetic product as "substance or mixture intended to be placed in contact with the external parts of the human body, teeth or mucous membranes of the oral cavity in order to clean, perfume or protect them, change their appearance, keep them in good condition or correct body odours

According to the Regulation, a cosmetic product can be placed on the market only if it shows clearly, indelibly and legibly a series of mandatory information that are necessary to protect the safety of the consumer.

By law this information must be reported both on the box and on the primary packaging, that is the cosmetic container in direct contact with the product, unless the product size does not allow it. In this case the information will be marked on a tag attached to the product or on the instruction sheet included in the package. In addition, a symbol depicting a hand on an open book that refers the consumer to the leaflet must be shown on the bottle or jar.

 customized cosmetic boxes

So, what information is required by law on cosmetic labels?

  • First of all the name and address of the person responsible for placing the product on the market. For each cosmetic placed on the market, in fact, a person must be provided to guarantee its compliance with the Regulation. This role guarantees that the product is sold in full compliance with the health and safety of the consumer and his right to receive truthful information on its composition
  • On the cosmetic labels it is also necessary to indicate the nominal content or quantity of the product present at the time of packaging, expressed in grams or milliliters. This indication is not mandatory for specific formats, such as single-dose or free sampling bottles
  • Another mandatory element is the country of origin of products imported from countries outside of the European Union
  • The batch number of manufacture is used to uniquely identify every single product. This element allows to trace and control the whole production and supply chain of each cosmetic product
  • Cosmetic labels must indicate also the shelf life, which is the date until which the cosmetic product, stored under appropriate conditions, will continue to fulfil its initial function. It is one of the most important element for the consumer, because it indicates the period of time during which the use of a cosmetic is guaranteed as safe once the container has been opened. This indication, also called PAO (Period After Opening), is mandatory for all cosmetics with a minimum durability up to 30 months, with the exception of spray, single-dose or long-lasting products. The PAO symbol is an open jar with the number of months corresponding to the duration of the product after opening
  • The list of ingredients used in the product, that must be established in descending order of weight of the ingredients at the time they are added to the cosmetic. Ingredients in concentrations of less than 1 %, instead, can be indicated in no particular order. In this list we must also report the presence of potentially allergenic substances. The names of all ingredients will be reported in the INCI Code (International Nomenclature for Cosmetic Ingredients) adopted in all EU countries, but also in other countries such as USA, Canada and Russia
  • Special warnings or precautions for use can be found in the cosmetic labels of many professional products used by hairdressers or beauticians.

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Cosmetic labels between information, aesthetics and consumer protection

The set of information contained in the cosmetic labels constitutes an important form of protection for the consumer. Thanks to them, in fact, the customer can consciously choose cosmetics and make a correct and safe use of them.

In addition to this information, mandatory by law, the manufacturer can add other elements on cosmetic labels. These include the brand logo, the description of the product features and the graphics.

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