The ultimate guide to create your line of cosmetic containers in a few simple steps

The ultimate guide to create your line of cosmetic containers in a few simple steps

Jun 28, 2018

The cosmetics industry is constantly growing and represents a great opportunity for both the best-known and the emerging brands. In fact, there are more and more companies that want to launch their own personalized line and, for this, are looking for the best cosmetic containers. For them Stocksmetic has developed the ultimate guide to create a cosmetic line in a few simple steps.

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First step: from the choice of the product to the cosmetic packaging

The process of creating a cosmetic line starts with the choice of the product. In line with the latest market trends you can specialize in the make-up sector or focus on the wide range of skincare products. Once you have decided what kind of cosmetics to produce, it's time to move on studying the best formulas and textures in order to offer effective and quality products.

However, we know that the eye also wants its part and the visual impact of a product is increasingly decisive in the purchase. This is why it is crucial to choose cosmetic containers that best enhance their content with a unique and unforgettable design.

Second step: how to choose the best cosmetic containers?

Cosmetic packaging has several functions. It does not only preserve the cosmetic properties of the products, but also reflects concepts linked to the brand that go beyond the immediate product's features. A packaging with a refined and strong design can stimulate consumers' curiosity and ensure their long-term retention. For this reason the choice of cosmetic containers must take into account several factors. From the quality of the best raw materials to design, from versatility to ease of use.

Thanks to decades of experience in the world of cosmetics, Stocksmetic offers an extensive catalog of solutions to meet every need. In the website section dedicated to the collections of cosmetic containers you can find a wide range of jars and bottles available in different sizes and finishes.

The rich assortment includes plastic bottles for face cream and foundation, nail polish bottles, plastic, aluminum or glass jars and specific bottles for mascara, eyeliner and lip gloss. The Stocksmetic supply also includes the exclusive Color Collection line of metallized and coated cosmetic containers. You can finish your packaging combining containers with a series of accessories in order to create multiple combinations and get a truly unique and exclusive product.

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Third step: customize your cosmetic containers

Once you have chosen the best cosmetic containers for your products, you can give free rein to the imagination and make them unique with the design you prefer and the logo of your brand. Stocksmetic allows you to create a complete packaging with a line of boxes and labels tailored to every product. You can simply choose the finish that best matches your needs and add your own custom graphics.

Stocksmetic Packaging: the best containers for your make-up and cosmetics line

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