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Scandi Beauty, the natural essence of beauty

Scandi Beauty, the natural essence of beauty

Apr 5, 2021

The beauty revolution starts in northern Europe with Scandi Beauty, the new Scandinavian approach to cosmetics that is attracting more and more women in Europe and the USA.

Balance and essentiality are the two main pillars of this lifestyle that aims at a holistic vision of beauty, inspired by primordiality and nature. The success of Scandi beauty is given by the increasing number of consumers who do not have enough time to spend on their cosmetic routine: therefore, simplicity, functionality and practicality are essential for this type of target.

Scandi cosmetics, according to these aspects, follow the minimalist approach and do not contain extra ingredients, considered unnecessary and unhealthy such as artificial fragrances, parabens and petrolatum. They are, therefore, organic formulations enriched by native ingredients, typical of the uncontaminated nature of Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Iceland and Norway that are made in an innovative way with the latest technology.

Essential packaging for your scandi cosmetics

Packaging also plays an important role in Scandinavian skincare: jars and bottles usually stand out for their simple and clean lines, have neutral colors that recall the natural elements and the idea of relaxation. In addition, they are often made of eco-friendly materials that respect nature and the ecosystem.

Scandi Beauty

Stocksmetic Packaging offers a selection of packs that are ideal for this type of formulation, able to bring out the naturalness of the ingredients.

Among the recommended packaging, there is the 30 ml Pure bottle in frosted glass combined with the Wood dropper in bleached wood: it is an elegant solution, which reminds the uncontaminated beauty of a birch forest typical of the Nordic landscape.

The 15 ml Luxe jar in frosted glass completed with the Wood lid in bleached wood is perfect for a collection of natural creams with simple and essential lines.

Finally, on Stocksmetic e-shop you will find a section entirely dedicated to eco-friendly packaging that will allow you to better communicate the natural essence of your skincare products. Made of r-Pet plastic and Green Pe, these packs are produced with lower CO2 emissions in order to reduce pollution. A choice respectful of the eco-system that allows you not to give up design, refinement and simplicity.

To complete your packs in a unique way, it is possible to customize them with boxes and screen printing service: the result will be an essential but at the same time original packaging, in perfect Scandinavian style.