Welcome Make Up

Welcome Make Up

Mar 9, 2017

It's now online the new Stocksmetic Make Up line!

The new line designed by Stocksmetic is entirely dedicated to make up and includes a large selection of cosmetic containers which combine practicality and an elegant and exclusive design.

 Makeup containers

Moreover, in the new Make Up line you will find an assortment of cosmetic packaging specific for make up like mascara, eyeliner and lips products.
The new Stocksmetic makeup containers includes:

Plastic and glass makeup containers

Let's begin with plastic bottles. The Make Up line includes a wide range of plastic containers specific for foundation, available in 30-50 ml size and in the practical travel size.
In addition, we can't help but mention Airless bottles, designed for primer, liquid foundation and eye cream.

As regards glass cosmetic containers, Stocksmetic offers a lot of different options.
Circus Clear glass bottles 10 ml with big brush applicator are the perfect solution for Nail polish.
On the other hand, Heavy and Pure Glass bottles are specifically designed for face cream, toner and serum, and they are available in different sizes between 15 and 100 ml, including travel size.

Glass, aluminium and plastic jars

Furthermore, cosmetic containers consist of glass, aluminium and plastic jars suitable for different kinds of products. You can choose between different solutions according to your packaging needs.
Cosmetic jars in frosted or clear glass in 15-30 ml size are recommended for face and eye cream.
But you can go with the Round Plastic jar in 50 ml which is perfect for face masks, while Aluminium jars are ideal for chapstick and lips scrub.

In conclusion we can't leave out face and eyes make up. For this kind of products Stocksmetic realized Compact Powder containers for eyeshadow, blush and bronzer in Small and Large size. 

Discover our new Make Up line and start now to create you own line of makeup containers!