Cosmetic and pharmaceutical products, it's online shopping boom

Cosmetic and pharmaceutical products, it's online shopping boom

Aug 26, 2020

Beauty products online shopping is one of the most popular activities for consumers. This trend is demonstrated by last year's data that show that the sale of make-up products, creams, hair formulations and fragrances in Italy has increased by 15%, with a total turnover of 470 million euros.

There are many reasons for consumers to buy online: in addition to finding better prices or special offers, product stocks are always wide and available. In addition, buying directly from home is much more comfortable than going to physical stores and allows you to order niche items that are difficult to find in shops in your city.

Boom di acquisti online di cosmetici

The e-shopping boom in cosmetics continued in the first half of 2020, thanks to the lockdown period, which also registered an increase in purchases of pharmaceuticals and hand sanitizers for personal protection. 

The anti-Covid measures that prohibited the free movement of people, in fact, allowed a real evolutionary leap towards digital, changing purchasing habits to e-commerce.

In general, today the digital consumer, having acquired a greater familiarity and confidence with virtual shopping, now considers the values of security and reliability of online shops as obvious and is increasingly looking for fast and efficient shipping services. 

Buying online also allows you to learn more about products and discover their characteristics and peculiarities.

In this way, users become more aware about what they are buying and use the information acquired even when they go to a physical store. 

An online cosmetics packaging line with Stocksmetic

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