Plastic Jars: the latest products by Stocksmetic

Plastic Jars: the latest products by Stocksmetic

Nov 28, 2019

tocksmetic was created by professionals with decades experience in skincare, fragrance and pharmaceutical sectors in order to offer sophisticated packaging with a unique design in full compliance with customer needs. Recently, our team has created a perfect mix for the protection of both environmental and customer needs. Company's turning point is the introduction, among all various packagings, of screen printing green plastic jars. They are characterized by a completely customizable unique design and made with high quality green materials.

Green Plastic Jars by Stocksmetic


Plastic Jars: the latest products by Stocksmetic

In response to the current climate change problem, "green" has been becoming a real key word in the packaging market. Consequently, the environmental protection has been becoming a priority for both consumer and manufacturer. Today, all reasearchers are involved not only in the field of  completly green skincare but also in new field of Green Packaging. Therefore, Stocksmetic has found the best solution as to satisfy new market requirements, using recycled PET for the manufacture of plastic jars.

Stocksmetic green product line had already consisted of amber-coulored New Pure Green r-PET Bottle, available in 150, 200 and 250 ml. Though Stocksmetic has currently updated its selection of products and has introduced New Pure Green r-PET Jar with its own suitable lid. Either the white satin edition in 50 and 250 ml or the transparent or frosted glass edition in 50 ml size are perfect for body lotions, creams, scrub, face mask and other cosmetics. A sophisticated design represents a high quality product.

As already said, these products are completely manufacured with recycled PET. Their production depends on the re-use of recyclable PET bottles with the same performance level.

Silk-screen printing service by Stocksmetic

Plastic Jars r-PET


As to give customers the possibility to customize a wide selection of items in the section Silk-screen printing products, Stocksmetic has introduced the new screen printing service on glass and plastic.

This kind of printing can be made on green plastic and opaque, satin, painted or transparent glass. The new screen printing service by Stocksmetic Packaging can be carried out in 14 different glossy shades, and 3 metallic ones: silver, gold and bronze.

Customizing a packaging through this technique is really simple: in a few steps, you can print on your bottles and jars texts, logos and patterns, making your beauty products line completely unique.

Once you have chosen containers, accessories and any adding labels, graphics and boxes, with Stocksmetic Packaging you will have customized your own product to 360°. And what is more, the realisation is very easy: you only need to follow some online efficient and understandable guidelines.

Stocksmetic offers to its customers a high-quality, ecofriendly and customizable packaging. Since the eye wants its share, good and effective packaging is essential. It may be a real business card for a product, as it affects customer choice. For this reason, our company aims at giving high quality packaging, able to attract the attention of consumers. Try to believe!