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Easy returns


In order to return the products, the Client shall contact Stocksmetic and apply for authorization by sending an email to the address available on the Website in the section “Contact us”. The email shall contain the Order number (previously indicated in the Order confirmation) and the name of the subject who executed the Order (the company name, in case of a company).

The Client may choose between two different options: return&refund or exchange.



Once Stocksmetic receives a return application, should it approve it, it shall send a written confirmation via email to the Client. The Client shall print the pre-filed form attached to the email and use it to accompany the return.

The shipment of the returned goods shall be carried out within 10 days from receipt of the above email and shall be addressed to Stocksmetic’s warehouse in Via Giovanni Falcone 14, 25035 Ospitaletto (BS), Italy. The goods shall be returned in the same condition as they were when received by the Client, unused and in their original packaging.

Only after safe receipt of the goods and on condition that the checks carried on the goods out have a positive outcome, Stocksmetic shall refund or exchange the goods.

If you need any further information on returns, please read our General Conditions of Sale, available on our website at this link, which are accepted at completion of each order by the Client.

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