The olfactory pyramid: the balance and harmony of a fragrance

The olfactory pyramid: the balance and harmony of a fragrance

Jul 11, 2018

Citrus, floral, light and aromatic: these adjectives are used to describe a fragrance and the sensations that it transmits to us when we are in contact with it.

In reality, at the base of a perfume there is a complex structure and its smell is classified, by using the notes of a scale, just like it happens in music.  There are three types of olfactory notes - head, heart and base- which describe the degree of volatility and properties of a fragrance. These are important parameters to create a balanced and harmonious fragrance as a whole.

Piramide olfattiva: Stocksmetic Packaging

The structure of the fragrance: a symphony of olfactory notes

When a perfume is applied, the first impression is given by the so-called head notes, which are small particles that disappear in about ten minutes. . The decision to purchase a perfume would be based on these: they represent, therefore, a fundamental business aspect that perfume brands must consider before launching a product on the market.


Piramide olfattiva: le note di testa

Between the head and base notes there are the heart notes. They define the character of a perfume and have a greater persistence, up to 6 hours.

As the heart notes are exhausted, the base notes emerge, giving depth to a scent. These are slow evaporation molecules, which can persist up to 24 hours after application.

Piramide olfattiva: una guida per descrivere una fragranza

The olfactory pyramid represents, therefore, a guide which allows to analyze and describe the different male and female fragrances. However, it should be noted that the fragrance olfactory result depends not only on objective factors but also on the individual and on how the pH of the skin can affect the final interpretation of the fragrance.

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