Artificial intelligence and cosmetics: the new frontiers of beauty

Artificial intelligence and cosmetics: the new frontiers of beauty

Sep 5, 2019

The new frontiers of beauty are increasingly hi-tech. The latest technological advances are revolutionizing the world of cosmetics, influencing the way in which different brands operate on the market but at the same time meeting the different needs of potential buyers.

The alliance between skincare and artificial intelligence is born, in fact, from the need to have personalized products and treatments: the idea that a cream can be suitable for all consumers is losing ground while the demand for customized formulations to different age groups, skin types and lifestyles is stronger. 

Intelligenza artificiale e cosmesi

To support consumers in choosing the perfect beauty products for their skin, there are many types of smartphone applications: for example, the most innovative ones allow you to assess the level of aging of the face, simply by taking a selfie. Thanks to a sophisticated algorithm, the app will be able to recognize wrinkles, blemishes and acne but also to monitor the levels of skin pH, elasticity and brightness of the face, giving you the opportunity to buy the best formulation to reduce the imperfections.

The same technology has also been used in the make-up sector: always through a system of skin diagnosis via web, you can try lipsticks, foundations or eyeshadows before buying and build a personalized and trendy look.

In the near future, the boundaries between technology and beauty will be increasingly blurred and the development of new sophisticated apps and beauty devices is expected to ensure extreme customization, offering unique tailor-made products.

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