Make-up: all the news about innovative formulations and packaging

Make-up: all the news about innovative formulations and packaging

Jan 30, 2019

The forecasts announced in the report of "World Cosmetics Market Opportunities and Forecasts 2014-2022" underline that the growth of the Make-up sector will be unstoppable in the next three years, resulting one of the most purchased categories (+18%) globally of the entire beauty market.

Trend Make Up 2019

Bright colors, new textures, special formulations and green products are the elements that will characterize the make-up of this new year. These new trends will certainly influence cosmetic companies that will adopt glamorous, elegant packaging with personalized finishes to strengthen the image of the brand. This factor will be extremely important for those involved in the choice of packaging, who will have to consider the new trends.

Stocksmetic Packaging, always in step with the new market trends, has a  packaging collection entirely dedicated to make-up. Flaconette, bottles, tubes and jars, available in various sizes are characterized by a refined design that will make your makeup line inimitable.

To give a touch of uniqueness to your cosmetic products, you can also complete your packaging with accessories in many finishes and with boxes and labels, customizable with their own logos and graphics without additional production costs.

Make Up 2019 trends with Stocksmetic Packaging

But what kind of make-up products will be the most popular in 2019? Here are 5 cosmetics that will not be missing in every woman's beauty bag.

Lipstick: intense, nude colours but with a matte finish

From timeless black to brighter and more vibrant colours such as green or electric blue, the eyeliner is an evergreen and this year it will be a must-have for all make-up lovers.

Trend Make Up 2019: l'eyeliner

For this type of product, Stocksmetic Packaging proposes the Eyeliner Circus bottle which - thanks to the combined brush - allows a precise and intense stroke from the first application.

Lipstick: intense, nude colours but with a matte finish

Lipstick is never an easy choice. In 2019, the make-up addicts will opt for elegant and sophisticated colours such as nude or for stronger and more lively shades such as red or fuchsia, preferably with a matte finish. The Stocksmetic Lip Stick Circus is the ideal packaging for your lipstick line: a practical and glamour solution.

Lip balm: between moisturizing properties and natural ingredients

In addition to classic lipstick, lip balms will also play a central role in every woman's daily makeup. Given the great importance of green cosmetics, natural lip care formulas will be the most popular, especially those enriched with moisturizing and nourishing ingredients such as coconut, jojoba and shea.

Lip Balm: vaso Petit

In this case, the most suitable Stocksmetic packaging can be the 10 ml tube bottle or the 4 ml Petit glass jar. The first is a practical container that allows localized applications while the second has a comfortable format and it is ideal to carry with you at all times.

Nail polish: the watchword is creativity

The 2019 nail polish will be multicoloured: nude shades will be abandoned to give space to more vibrant colours. The Living Coral - decreed by Pantone Institute as the color of the year - will be one of the most popular; its warm and golden tones will be perfect to illuminate the look of every woman. For this type of product, Stocksmetic proposes the Circus bottle completed with the Circus capsule: a packaging with simple lines for a decidedly fashionable product.

Foundation: the trend of "non-makeup"

The 2019 beauty look should enhance the natural beauty of the face: for this reason, liquid foundations should be characterized by a very light texture with the aim of illuminating the complexion. 

Trend Make Up 2019: il fondotinta

One of the most suitable Stocksmetic packs for a luxury foundation line is the 30 ml Heavy bottle in acid-etched glass combined with the Snow cream pump in glossy gold: this is an elegant packaging that highlights such a precious formulation.

For coloured creams or BB cream, on the other hand, the ideal container is the 100 ml white plastic tube: practical and ergonomic, it will allow the product to be maintained at its best, avoiding external contamination.