Boom in cosmetics online shopping

Boom in cosmetics online shopping

Jul 22, 2019

More and more consumers buy their cosmetics online: driven by comfort, users frequently buy their favourite cream or lipstick directly from home, the office or the bus, benefiting from free shipping costs and a cheaper price than physical stores.

In recent years, web sales have experienced a real boom, reaching in 2018 a turnover of 390 million euros, about 3.7% of purchases that have affected the entire beauty sector. This number is still limited but is expected to increase steadily in the future. 

Aumentano gli acquisti online di cosmetici

According to data from the Human Highway research of Cosmetica Italia, online beauty buyers have increased by 21% in the last three years for a total of 6.4 million users: more than half are regular buyers.

Among the categories that are growing most are skincare products, especially those dedicated to facial care, makeup but also fragrances.

E-commerce is therefore to be considered an important development opportunity for companies thanks to its increase in value in recent years and the growth in average spending per buyer and the frequency of purchases. 

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