Beauty Life Cosmetics: research and innovation for skin care and body wellness

Beauty Life Cosmetics: research and innovation for skin care and body wellness

Aug 29, 2018

Beauty Life Cosmetics is a young cosmetic company that has turned the continuous research into its strength. The Ferrara-based company knows very well what its customers want and provides them with the right solutions. The Beauty Life Cosmetics products, in fact, are the synthesis of natural principles and technological progress becoming soft and elegant textures with delicate and pleasant fragrances, designed to treat any type of imperfection and satisfy customers with visible results from the first applications. 

The solutions created by Beauty Life Cosmetici are full of active ingredients, essential allies for the beauty routine and guarantee immediate results for a total well-being: all these factors make each product of the brand highly distinctive and unique.

All the cosmetic formulations created by the professional staff of Beauty Life Cosmetici are powerful and easy to use. Among the various treatments you can find anti-aging cosmetics, lightening and smoothing products for skin care, nourishing and purifying creams, detoxifying, draining products, firming creams, anti muscular contracture treatments for the body and professional SPA treatments.

Beauty Life Cosmetici - Packaging Stocksmetic

Beauty Life has chosen Stocksmetic for the packaging of its cosmetics collections: among these, Gold Life, the brand  skincare line designed to strengthen and awaken skin support structures through the stimulation of collagen and elastin.

Beauty Life - Flaconi e vasi Stocksmetic Packaging

In particular, for the 24H lifting eye cream, Beauty Life has chosen the 30 ml Heavy Jar combined with the round lid in gold.

Beauty Life Cosmetici - Packaging Stocksmetic Vaso Heavy

For the 24H lifting cream pack, the 50 ml Heavy jar combined with the gold lid was chosen.

Beauty Life Cosmetici - Stocksmetic Packaging Flaconi per creme e cosmetici

For the cleaning solution, tonic and scrub in the special formula 3 in 1, Beauty Life Cosmetici opted for the Heavy bottle that contains 200 ml of product, combined with the Dispenser Mountain accessory in a gold finish.

Beauty Life Cosmetic: vitamina c

Beauty Life Cosmetici, always looking for innovative formulations against skin aging, has also introduced the new line Rigenera Plus Life: this includes the concentrate with vitamin C, a real panacea that has an antioxidant action, ensuring a reduction of stains and wrinkles of the skin. For this product, the choice fell on the elegant 15 ml frosted glass Heavy bottle , embellished with a glossy gold Ice Spray pump with cover, ideal for precise and localised applications.

Beauty Life Cosmetic: Crema Silhouette

Among the collections dedicated to the body well-being there is the Silhouette Top Life line which, thanks to the ingredients properties such as caffeine, vegetal charcoal and phosphatidylcholine, has a reshaping and slimming power. Specifically, the convenient 500 ml plastic Round jar , combined with the aluminium Round cap, was used for the hot-cold effect  cream.

Beauty Life Cosmetic: Scrub scintillante

In addition, the company has created the sparkling scrub dedicated to the hands and feet care , which rejuvenates and gives elasticity to the skin: in this case, the pack chosen is the plastic Round jar in the size of 200 ml, completed with the practical aluminum Round cap.

Beauty Life Cosmetici is a company very focused on its product formulations, but it is also aware of the importance of packaging and communication: last year in fact, Beauty Life Cosmetici has won the Unicom 2017 Award "L' Italia che comunica la prima volta" for its corporate & visual identity project.

I flaconi Stocksmetic Packaging scelti per Beauty Life Cosmetici

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