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Your cosmetics line becomes more precious with Stocksmetic

It is not the first time that in our blog we talk about kitchen ingredients being used in cosmetics so that the skin can also "taste" them and draw all their benefits for all-round psychophysical well-being.


In this particular article, however, we want you to discover all the deluxe ingredients used so far in skincare lines for 'beauty recipes' offering multiple virtues. Indeed, in recent years, the luxury cosmetics sector has been growing with more and more people turning to these niche products. Luxury cosmetics not only feature formulations with expensive active principles but also packaging with an exclusive and sophisticated design, just like Stocksmetic.


luxury ingredients

Luxury ingredients for your cosmetic lines


The truffle is rich in amino acids, minerals and trace elements, capable of soothing and moisturising the skin. Thanks to its high concentration of antioxidants, truffle is a natural anti-ageing treatment. In the 100 ml New Pure bottle combined with the silver Twist off cap you can formulate a facial serum with many benefits.


One of the latest additions to our catalogue is the 50 ml Miracle jar in transparent glass with a glossy silver lid. This elegant packaging lends itself well to the next luxury, made-in-Italy ingredient: Barolo. This wine in fact has antioxidant properties that, in a face cream, help to combat premature ageing. Moreover, to give even more prominence to such a stunning face cream, combine the packaging with its saucer and spatula for an even more chic effect!


We have already talked about the anti-wrinkle, moisturising and soothing virtues of saffron in the case history dedicated to Red Saffron Milano®, which has made this ingredient its workhorse. In addition to its firming active ingredients, however, the king of spices can also enrich your fragrances thanks to its unmistakable olfactory profile. In the 50 ml Cilindrical bottle combined with the glossy silver Cilindrical pump and capsule, you can treat yourself to a warm olfactory embrace.


Caviar is the luxurious ingredient par excellence and is used in cosmetics because it supports the production of collagen. It therefore creates a cleanser that not only refreshes the skin, but also thoroughly moisturises it by gently exfoliating it and making it firmer. For such a luxury product there is no more suitable packaging than our 50 ml Airglass Slim Refill bottle with silver cream pump. Thanks to their airless technology that prevents external contamination with your formulas and their practical refill system, Airglass Slim Refill bottles are not only a great eco-friendly solution but also boost your consumers' loyalty.

Discover this and all other Stocksmetic packaging collections in our e-commerce: our jars and bottles have been specially designed for your 2024 beauty lines! Finally, don't forget to customise the products you create with your logo and graphics thanks to our screen-printing service and the wide range of cosmetic cases you will find in the dedicated section of our website!


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