Scented candles: the new Millennials trend

Scented candles: the new Millennials trend

Dec 17, 2019

Their intense scent envelops and warms, creating a unique atmosphere, especially during the Christmas time: scented candles have become a must-have furnishing accessory, suitable for any kind of environment.

Sweet, floral or citrus and woody, the candles are available in many shapes and colors and are increasingly requested by consumers, as they are an excellent way to practice aromatherapy.

In fact, depending on the effect you want to obtain, you can use relaxing candles with chamomile, energizing with the aroma of mandarin, rosemary if you want to improve concentration or pine and eucalyptus to help the immune system.

When you buy a scented candle, it is essential to pay attention to the ingredients, preferring those based on natural essential oils, avoiding harmful substances such as benzene. Moreover, to best preserve their properties and to have beneficial effects on body and mind it is important to store them in a closed place for a few minutes, as soon as the flame has been extinguished.

In general, these products are having great success especially among the Millennials who have approached the world of colored and scented candles in recent years thanks to Instagram. Within the social network, in fact, companies share a lot of photos about this perfect accessory to show off.

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