Vegan cosmetics: the favourite products of the Millenials

Vegan cosmetics: the favourite products of the Millenials

Jan 14, 2019

Vegan cosmetics are the trend of the moment: they are formulations based on ingredients of vegetable origin and not tested on animals that an increasing number of consumers choose following the adoption of a vegan lifestyle.

To certify the absence of elements of animal origin, there are various certifications such as VeganOK, however many of them use different criteria and therefore, in Europe, it is still difficult to understand if the product purchased is really vegan. It is therefore useful to read the INCI: ingredients such as glycerine, beeswax, milk and derivatives that make up common cosmetics should be replaced by vegetable oils such as argan, coconut, almond and macadamia. The result is a product ethically made without the use of animals but at the same time natural and compatible with the skin.

Cosmetici Vegan: olio di argan

This type of cosmetics is particularly preferred by Millenials, young people between the ages of 18 and 35 years old: this is demonstrated by a report by Gran View Research, which highlights how this group of people purchases vegan products not only for ethical reasons but also for the high quality.

By 2025, the global vegan cosmetics industry is set to reach nearly $21 billion, a huge step up from $12.9 billion in 2017.

Your vegan cosmetics line with Stocksmetic Packaging

Stocksmetic Packaging has created the Wood collection, which includes a wide range of bottles and jars particularly suitable to contain natural formulations such as vegan.

All Stocksmetic packaging, with a few simple clicks, can be finished with unique accessories and completed with boxes and labels that can be customized using their own logos and graphics without any additional installation costs.

Cosmetici Vegan: crema idratante

Among the most popular vegan products, suitable for all ages, there are moisturizing and soothing creams that help to rebalance the pH of the skin: in this case the perfect pack is the Heavy 30 ml jar completed with the elegant Wood  lid in wengè that highlights the naturalness of the product.

The purifying mask is one of the most used formulations among the younger ones and it allows to eliminate the excess of sebum and to opacify the skin: the 100 ml Heavy jar with the natural Wood lid is the perfect container for this type of product.

Linea Wood: i packaging per la tua linea vegan

A panacea for more mature skin are the anti-ageing serums for the eye area and face based on ingredients such as rose hips or ginkgo biloba that fight wrinkles and signs of aging. For these precious formulations, the Heavy 30 ml bottle combined with the bleached wood dropper is a pack that allows localized applications without wasting product.

Finally, for hair care there are vegan shampoos and conditioners that fight dryness of the tips and make the hair healthier and brighter: in this case the 200 ml Heavy plastic bottle completed with the white Flip Top cap is comfortable and manageable.

Vegan cosmetics are products that are increasingly present in the beauty case of consumers who are looking for ethics and naturalness at the same time.