Grooming: the new male cosmetic trend

Grooming: the new male cosmetic trend

Nov 13, 2018

It's called Grooming: we're talking about the new male trend in body care through the adoption of a beauty routine.

Gel and conditioners for beard and hair and multifunction products for skin care such as anti-ageing and anti-wrinkle creams are the formulations most used by men during their daily lives.

The lines dedicated to Men Care are specifically designed for men's skin which, unlike women's skin, is thicker thanks to the high density of collagen fibres but at the same time has a greater tendency to dehydrate, especially after shaving.

Grooming: una nuova tendenza cosmetica maschile

According to the most recent statistics, the male cosmetics sector is one of the sectors that will record the highest growth between now and 2020. In fact, a study conducted by EY shows that in 2016 the Men Care sector was already worth about $48 billion; current estimates show that in two years this market will expand further, reaching $61 billion with an annual growth rate of 6.4%.

This trend is also present in Italy, where, according to a research by Cosmetica Italia, the consumption of male products represents about 24% of the total expenditure.

Stocksmetic: a packaging line dedicated to men's cosmetics

Given the rapid spread of the phenomenon of Grooming worldwide, Stocksmetic has created a line entirely dedicated to the world of male cosmetics.

Stocksmetic packaging, in addition to being distinguished by the high quality of their materials, can be combined with a wide variety of accessories. In addition, they can be completed with boxes and labels to be customized with their own logos and graphics without additional installation costs.

The male beauty routine starts with cleansing the skin: in this case, the ideal container for facial cleansers is the 50 ml Airless bottle, which through the Airless pump allows you to dose the product perfectly without unnecessary waste.

After cleansing, it is essential to moisturize the face through the use of specific men's creams. The 50 ml Luxe vase in semi-transparent blue glass is the perfect pack that combines elegance and practicality and will make your skin care line unique.

For shaving, the most used formulations are oils and moisturizing serums. Among the best choices for this type of product we remember the 100 ml Sami bottle with reducer and capsule and the 30 ml Heavy bottle with the Snow Cream pump. These are packaging designed specifically to best preserve the product.

Grooming: cura di barba e capelli

Also the care of beard and hair is a very frequent practice in the male world. In particular, to combat baldness, there are different types of treating lotions on the market: within the Pharma line there is the 100 ml Essential bottle which, thanks to the black dropper accessory, allows localized application, especially in the areas of the scalp most thinned.

For beard and hair styling, conditioners and shaping waxes are essential products: the 100 ml plastic Round vase combined with the aluminium lid will give a touch of originality to your collection.

Perfume is a must have in the male routine: it is a product particularly loved by men and therefore the choice of a glamorous packaging is essential. The Rio 100 ml bottle, completed with the shiny silver Jmp capsule, is a sophisticated and stylish pack that will not go unnoticed.

You can find all Stocksmetic jars and bottles for your beauty line in our e-shop: in a few simple clicks you can place your order by completing and customizing your packaging according to your tastes and needs.