Crimping machines

Crimping machines

Apr 11, 2017

Crimping machines allow to seal perfume bottles in a few simple and safe steps.

Packaging plays a very important role for the aesthetic impact that it grants to the final product, and at the same time it provides a fundamental protection from external agents. To ensure a product sale success, the packing step is particularly important to ensure that the liquid doesn’t spill from the bottle, and it should remain sealed within its wrapper until and after sale.

The crimping machine allows to quickly and safely seal vials and bottles, preventing a leak of the product inside them.

Stocksmetic’s Crimping Machines

Stocksmetic sells a wide range of perfume glass vials designed to contain your own fragrances. In order to hermetically seal your perfume bottles with spray pumps and collars, you can now find on our online store dedicated crimping machines.

Stocksmetic’s crimping machines are designed to seal perfume vials and bottles. You can choose between:

Let’s have a detailed look to both of them.

Manual crimping machine

Manual crimping machine’s wight is 16 kg with a 25x30x70 cm size. It’s simple to use and recommended for limited production. It’s built with a solid structure which supports the crimping head and a support for the bottle. One rotation movement of the lever (approx. 100°) allows the approaching and the crimping operation.

The quick replacement of the crimping head makes the machine exceptionally versatile. In order to seal the collar to the bottle you can find a dedicated tool on our online shop and easily change the crimping head as needed.


Pneumatic Crimper

The Pneumatic Crimping head is a lightweight (just 2Kg) tool that allows air compressed spray pumps crimping.

This pneumatic head is so easy to handle that allows you to crimp in sequence without removing bottles from its original carton packaging. You can reach the bottles anywhere on the working surface, and it can also be fitted with a balancer hanged on a suspended wire in order to take off the weight of the machine from the operator’s hand.

Thanks to this features you can serially crimp vials that come in different shapes and height. Additional advantages of the pnenumatic crimping head are cost-effectiveness, a limited air consumption, the absence of maintenance and total safety.

You can also find on our store the tool to manually seal the collar.

Watch the video and find out how to master in a few simple steps the perfect sealing!

Visit Stocksmetic’s website section dedicated to crimping machines for  glass bottles.

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