How to choose the best cosmetic packaging depending on different contexts of use

How to choose the best cosmetic packaging depending on different contexts of use

Sep 14, 2017

Are you going to launch your cosmetic line but you don't know how to pack your products? Do you want to embellish your cosmetics with a special packaging solution that combines design, quality of materials and ease of use? If you are still undecided about which pack is the best for your needs, you can entrust Stocksmetic to find the best cosmetic packaging for any occasion.

Before choosing the best packaging for your cosmetics, you should first define the context of use of each product.

For a domestic use, for example, you can choose a packaging that focuses on design and elegant materials. If instead you are looking for a mix of practicality, perfect product storage and a compact size easy to carry around, you can choose more resistant and ergonomic plastic containers.

Once the context of use has been decided, it will be much easier to find not only the most suitable material, but also the ideal size for every specific occasion of use. So let's find out the most suitable cosmetic packaging for every need:

Cosmetic packaging when you are not at home and for traveling

If you are not at home, the keyword is practicalility. For haircare and skincare products designed for the gym or holidays the ideal solution are plastic containers. These practical, versatile and resistant bottles allow a perfect preservation of our cosmetic products. Discover the Round line, one for each product. For an optimal delivery without the risk of product spills or waste, you can complete your packaging with a wide range of different accessories.

If your holiday destination is very far away and you are planning to travel by plane, you should opt for a travel size. You can choose a practical and safe plastic packaging such as the 5 ml Lucy Plastic Bottle and the Tbr plastic vials in 30, 50 or 75 ml size. A great alternative, equally functional and retro design, is the aluminum cosmetic packaging like the 100ml Aluminum Jar with lid.

Cosmetic packaging for hairdressers and barbers professional product lines

If you are looking for a tailor-made packaging for your line of professional hair styling and barber products, you can choose between a variety of packaging solutions. For hair care products you can choose the sharp and essential lines of the new aluminum bottles. The most demanding barber shops can also discover the Barberia cosmetic line, complete with plastic bottles and glass or aluminum jars to best store shaving and mustache products.

different kind of cosmetic packaging bottles

Cosmetic packaging for domestic use

For the products we usually use at home you have more choice. For shower products, for example, we can use the plastic bottles of the Soft cosmetic collection, specific for shampoo and shower gel.

And what about fragrances?

Stocksmetic provides several options. For the fragrances used in the morning before going out, you can opt for an exclusive and refined glass packaging. The 50ml Hollywood Glass Bottle, the 100ml Mezzopiano Bottle and the 100ml Cilindro Bottle are just some of the many shapes and sizes to choose from.

 cosmetic bottles containers

Fragrances always at hand with travel size cosmetic packaging

Scented waters and essences can be comfortably carried around thanks to the glass cosmetic packaging like 10 ml Vip glass vials in roller or spray version, or as the 15 ml Trend Bottle.

And, finally, if you are looking for a practical and space-saving packaging, the best products are 10 ml Sample bottles for fragrances or the 1,2 ml Code sampling plastic bottle. Small bags-proof.

Continue to follow Stocksmetic to discover all the other packaging solutions and choose the best one for every context of use.