The new 2019 Fragrances trends for the next autumn/winter season

The new 2019 Fragrances trends for the next autumn/winter season

Aug 21, 2019

Summer is almost over and it's time to talk about the new trends for the next autumn/winter season: among the most popular and used products are the perfumes that, in addition to being a profound expression of personality, they change according to tastes and seasons.

Every season has its fragrance: if in summer fresh and sparkling scents are preferred, in winter consumers opt for warmer and stronger fragrances.

In particular, for the next autumn, the most popular female scents will be "cozy" fragrances, able to remove stress and anxiety and give a good mood.

The olfactory families that reproduce this effect are the woody, musky and gourdmand: these are characterized by being sweet as, for example, chocolate or caramel and spicy as pepper and ginger. For those who love more classic olfactory notes, a trendy alternative is represented by floral and oriental scents, enriched by vanilla and iris. These are more delicate fragrances that communicate the initiative typical of contemporary women.

Fragranze 2019

With regard to the masculine fragrances, citrus fruits will prevail. These fresh ingredients will often be combined with leather, wood or patchouli: the result is a refined fragrance able to bring out the strong and energetic male personalities.

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