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Choose the ideal accessory to match

Choose the ideal accessory to match






Personalise the bottle or jar with your own graphics

Personalise the bottle or jar with your own graphics


From 200 pieces minimum Organic screen printing in 1 or 2 colours, printable on glass or plastic bottles and vases, available from a minimum of 200 pieces (1 colour) or 500 pieces (2 colours).

Colours: Pantone® or one of the 18 standard finishes selected by Stocksmetic
Print: texts, logos and vector patterns can be screen-printed
Sizes: area that can be decorated and instructions file downloadable below

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    Jazzy 100 ml FEA 15 Clear Glass Bottle

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    Glass bottle for perfumes.
    This item matches a wide range of capsules, pumps and rings. ATTENTION: the neck of the bottle is not screwed, therefore the accessories can only be mounted with a special crimping machine. It is also possible to combine the "Self-crimping" pump (if provided on the product page) which, with the appropriate tamper, allows for quick and safe assembly. Discover all the crimping tools in the "Crimping Machines" section within the Perfumery category.

    Additional information

    • Height
      3.27 In
    • Diameter
      2.36 In
    • Nominal Capacity
      3.38 Oz
    • Brim Capacity
      3.68 Oz
    • Material
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