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2023 Beauty Trends

The beauty world is constantly evolving, and like every year-end, the industry experts find themselves reviewing last year's trends and adjusting to those to come. For the year that is about to begin we can speak of real skincare trends that will guide the way we take care of our skin: let's look at them together.

The benefits of seaweed

Not everyone knows that seaweed has significant amounts of antioxidants and essential minerals within it. For this reason, some sea plants are ideal ingredients for skin care formulations and treatments. They can provide a wide range of benefits that help maintain a younger, healthier-looking complexion.

Skincare tips for sensitive skin

Sensitive skin is characterised by increased reactivity to external agents: this type of skin is easily reddened by changes in temperature, by contact with water that is too limey, and often gives a feeling of skin tightness.

Enzymatic peels for all skin types

In contrast to chemical peels, enzymatic peels use real enzymes from fruits and vegetables, such as pineapple, papaya and pumpkin, to help eliminate dead skin cells without damaging those that are still alive.
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