Perfume and cosmetic boxes: how to choose the best packaging for your cosmetic products

Perfume and cosmetic boxes: how to choose the best packaging for your cosmetic products

Apr 27, 2018

In one of the previous articles we talked about a great news introduced by Stocksmetic: a specific section in the website entirely dedicated to boxes and labels for cosmetics and perfumes, which allows you to customize your favorite Stocksmetic products directly online! How to select the perfect box for your perfumes and cosmetics? Stocksmetic will help you in the choice!

The perfect box for your perfumes and cosmetics

The choice of the best packaging is very important to give your products a unique identity. For this reason Stoksmetic provides a wide range of cosmetic labels customizable with your own logo. You can choose between four different finishes: labels with a plastified finish on white or transparent surface, or maybe printed on plain or laid paper for a more refined effect. In the dedicated section, you can also find the most suitable perfume and cosmetic boxes for you. In order to best meet your needs you can choose between different shapes and materials. Stoksmetic offers a full perfume and cosmetic boxes line in different finishes: neutral, glossy or matt plasticized, varnished and soft-touch. Moreover, all the boxes for cosmetics and perfumes can be printed in four-color and with gold or silver hot print. All the perfume and cosmetic boxes perfectly fit into the products of our perfume and cosmetic packaging lines.

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Which are the best perfume and cosmetic boxes to choose?

To better guide your choice of perfume and cosmetic boxes, Stoksmetic provides a wide variety of cases with different characteristics. Perfume and cosmetic boxes have a internal white micro-flute corrugated cardboard to better protect your glass bottles.

For simple and minimal products you can opt for neutral perfume and cosmetic boxes. On the other hand, if you have selected more refined and elegant bottles to contain your fragrances and cosmetics, Stocksmetic recommends boxes with a varnished finish. It is essential to immediately communicate the identity of your product! Hot printing in gold or silver will give your perfume and cosmetic boxes a touch of refinement. For a product that wants to combine simplicity and elegance in a single packaging, your choice can only fall on the plasticized boxes for perfumes and cosmetics. You can choose between a glossy or opaque finish, depending on your personal taste.

Are you looking for practical products which are easy to carry around? In this case, Stocksmetic offers its customers soft-touch boxes for perfumes and cosmetics. Their softness will help you pack all those products that need to be transported safely and comfortably. Remember that all the perfume and cosmetic boxes are completed by internal white flute cardboard to guarantee your product integrity.

Stocksmetic offers its customers the opportunity to purchase a Sampling Kit at the special price of 28€. The Kit includes boxes and labels in all finishes, giving you the chance to touch them and choose the packaging that best suits your needs. For orders of boxes and labels over 500 euros + VAT the cost of the kit will be canceled and you will receive a discount code of 28 euros for your next purchase on Stocksmetic.

Remember, the price of perfume and cosmetics boxes is what you see online. For every item available in our catalogue, in fact, Stocksmetic has created a die-cut layout. For this reason no additional cost will be charged for die-cuts.

Stocksmetic provides a wide range of packaging for your favorite products!

Besides the possibility to customize your products with boxes and labels, Stocksmetic offers a wide variety of perfume bottles and cosmetic jars, as well as skin care, pharmaceutical and home fragrance containers.

The Stoksmetic team remains at your disposal for any information and assistance on orders! Contact us at [email protected] or write us on Whatsapp at +39 335 6803758.

n orders! Contact us at [email protected] or write us on Whatsapp at +39 335 6803758.