Millennials and Generation Z: the young people who are revolutionizing the cosmetics business

Millennials and Generation Z: the young people who are revolutionizing the cosmetics business

Jun 17, 2019

The new generations are increasingly attentive to the choice of cosmetic products: in fact, the search for green formulations - with a good INCI - and a skin that is always bright are the most important aspects for the young people of today.

This is a real change from the preferences of previous generations: the baby boomers, for example, were more interested in the problem of aging skin and therefore oriented to the purchase of specific anti-wrinkle or anti-ear treatments.

La skincare dei Millennials

The transformation of tastes and purchasing behaviour has therefore profoundly influenced the cosmetics market, projecting it towards natural and organic products with the aim of highlighting the uniqueness of each person without hiding imperfections.

Another equally important aspect that more and more companies in the cosmetics sector are considering concerns packaging. In recent years, in fact, skincare products on the shelves of supermarkets, pharmacies, herbalists and perfumeries have increased disproportionately: putting on the market a formulation with an innovative packaging, quality but at the same time practical and easy to use can be the secret to attract the attention of the consumer and push him to buy.

But what are the trendiest cosmetics chosen by the new generations? Here are the 5 most purchased products and some tips on trendy packaging!

Micellar water: beauty starts with cleansing the skin

Whether your skin is delicate, dry or oily, micellar water is the best product for cleansing your skin. The mechanism behind this formulation is very simple: the micelles - small purifying bubbles - inside it capture all impurities and make-up residues without damaging the hydro-lipidic barrier of the skin. The result is a hydrated and radiant skin. For this type of facial cleanser, the 150 ml New Pure bottle combined with the shiny silver Disc Top cap is the ideal pack for its practicality.

Scrub: the product that gives softness to the skin

The scrub is one of the indispensable products in the beauty routine of each one: thanks to its exfoliating powers, it is able to give softness to the skin, removing all dead cells on the surface. To obtain a moisturizing effect, it is important to opt for a scrub based on sweet almond oil or honey.

Scrub: il prodotto skincare per rendere più morbida la pelle

In this case, the 250 ml Round jar is a packaging that guarantees perfect preservation of the product, avoiding external contamination.

Mask with vegetable charcoal: a panacea for impure skin

New generations are increasingly adopting a detox beauty routine with the aim of purifying their bodies.  The masks based on charcoal are particularly suitable for this type of treatment: if applied weekly, they allow you to cleanse impure skin in depth, removing blackheads and sebum, without drying the skin. 

La maschera per purificare la pelle

Once the mask has been removed, the skin will immediately become brighter and smoother. The 200 ml Pure jar is the perfect solution that combines practicality and elegance.

Moisturizing cream: a must-have for the well-being of the skin

The best ally for healthy skin is a moisturizing cream or gel: it is an essential product in every woman's routine to combat dryness caused by external agents such as sun, cold or pollution. For such an important formulation, the perfect container is the 50 ml etched glass Heavy jar accompanied by the Wood lid: a trendy pack that highlights the naturalness of this product.

Hair spray: the secret to healthier hair

A product loved by young people is the heat-protecting spray, a sort of barrier that can protect both the outside and the heart of the hair from the high temperatures of the plate and hair dryer. It is a formulation that preserves the natural beauty of the hair, reducing the appearance of split ends. For a localized and precise application of the product, the ideal packaging is the 250 ml New Pure bottle combined with the Minitrigger.