Home Fragrances: create your own custom line with Stocksmetic Packaging

Home Fragrances: create your own custom line with Stocksmetic Packaging

Jan 30, 2018

Home fragrances are ideal for the home and help to make unique the places where you live, fragrances that can change from time to time in the different rooms and adapt according to the seasons. The fragrances have also entered large stores and shops overwhelmingly, thanks to the increasingly popular tendency to create sensory experiences for consumers.

Perfumes for environments: with every room an ideal fragrance

Undoubtedly the home fragrance in a house must reflect personal tastes: the fragrance you choose, tells the personality of a person. It is essential that each room has its own aromatic note: for this reason, deciding which fragrance to use is almost as important as buying a furnishing accessory, since there are fragrances that are more suitable for certain rooms than others.


Fragranze per ambiente: crea la tua linea personalizzata con Stocksmetic Packaging


The kitchen is the place where there are so many smells, in this part of the house are preferable fragrances and notes for the cooler environment such as verbena, thyme, bergamot to spread through the use of a perfumer, perhaps after lunch and dinner. The living and relaxing areas are the perfect rooms for the fragrances of the environment: the speakers are the preferred ones that are very practical and allow you to maintain a constant fragrance. In the studio or in the office it is best to choose your favorite olfactory notes or opt for stimulating but not invasive fragrances. The most delicate aromas are excellent for bathing, while in the bedroom light perfumes are indicated, such as those that help to reconcile rest, for example lavender and orange blossom.


How to spread your home scent? All the different types to choose from

To spread fragrances in the different rooms of the house there are different ways: scented candles are often preferred for the bathroom because they also create the right atmosphere, especially when you decide to relax a little bit with a warm bath. The sticks are some of the most appreciated: these are small bottles of essence in which you will have to immerse sticks in bamboo that absorb the scent and spread it in the room in a constant way. Spray fragrances, on the other hand, have a shorter duration but are ideal for those who do not want a continuous scent.

Deo Environment Collection: Stocksmetic Packaging Solutions

In order to create a personalized line entirely dedicated to Home Fragrance, Stocksmetic Packaging has created the Home Fragrance collection designed for all those who want to create their own exclusive line of speakers and room perfumers. The line includes elegant glass and plastic containers equipped with accessories such as capsules, rings and wooden sticks to perfume any kind of environment.
In order to give our customers more choice, and therefore to be able to choose the most suitable packaging for their needs, we have designed two different specific collections to create complete lines of perfumers: the Neville plastic collection and the Essence collection in glass containers.

Collezione DeoAmbiente Neville Stocksmetic Packaging

Linea flaconi per fragranze Essence: Stocksmetic Packaging


Both collections are perfect for both practicality and elegant style.

Stocksmetic Packaging's Home Fragrance collection has also recently introduced two new products designed for all those who wish to enrich their line of fragrances and perfumes: the glass candlelight glasses with a capacity of 90 ml and 250 ml.

Finally, through our e-shop, it is possible to customize all the products with their own logos and graphics, completing and personalizing the line with boxes and labels to make the packaging unique and absolutely exclusive.