Donatella Veroni: Quality – Nature – Efficacy

Donatella Veroni: Quality – Nature – Efficacy

Sep 21, 2016

Donatella Veroni is a laboratory for research and developement on pharma-cosmetic formulas. 

Moreover, the company specializes in cosmetics with snail slime: one of the last trend, in cosmetics, rely on natural extracts from animal world. Among the "special ingredients", a particular interest in snail slime is spreading, a really nourishing concentrate able to meet specific skin needs. 

Donatella Veroni develops natural skin care products based on snail slime and most of all without added colorants nor parabens, and nickel free, to guarantee a safe product also thanks to supervision and analysis of Universities, and in collaboration with italian biological snail farms.

Stocksmetic packaging choosen by Donatella Veroni for its precious cosmetics are Pure Bottle 30ml frosted glass with Ice Cream Pump for for facial reparing serum:

And Heavy Jar 50ml frosted glass with Girotondo Cap and Lid for face cream: