How to take care of your skin after the holidays? The best skincare products in cosmetic bottles

How to take care of your skin after the holidays? The best skincare products in cosmetic bottles

Sep 19, 2019

Natural scrubs, hydrating balms and oils that renew your mind and your skin: after the holidays it is necessary to take care of the skin of your face and body. Green light to extra cuddles and specific treatments: let's discover together what are the most effective and the tips of Stocksmetick.

The importance of skincare is far from a mistery nowadays: deterging, exfoliating, purifying, massaging and hydrating everyday your facial skin are just a few of the phases suggested by the experts. But after the holidays the cures needed by your skin are more: to recover from the stress caused by the sun e prepare for the autumn it is necessary to use specific products and cosmetic bottles to tone the skin and give it elasticity.

First step: scrubs with essentian oils once a week

The first thing to do is definitely a good exfoliation: it removes your dead cells, facilitates the skin renewal to avoid superficial spots, and gets your skin ready to receive all the nutritious properties of the second step. Home made is a good idea: by creating your own scrub you can choose the ingredients that better suits your needs. One of the best, for instance, is the sweet almond oil, apricot seeds and lavender essencial oil based one.

Stocksmetic suggests cosmetic bottles and jars for the preservation of these products, so they can better maintain the properties of the chosen ingredients: the 100ml frosted glass Heavy jar, also avaiable model in clear glass, the 50ml Pure satin plastic jar, or the 200ml Pure jar with the matched glossy white cap or with the aluminium cap.

The best skincare products in cosmetic bottles

Second step: hydration with cream and wheys

Once you make the exfoliation, your skin is ready to be hydrated. Despite the choice of the hydration creams and wheys is a common problem, it's a very personal issue and it depends on individual needs. If you want to choose the best products you have to inquire about the active substances they contain: antioxidant agents, among which we remember vitamin C, vitamin E, resveratrol, flavonoids, lipoic acid and hyaluronic acid, give you visible results in a short time: they enhance radiance to you face, stimulate a continuous cellular renewal and a fill out the wrinkles.

Choosing the right cosmetic bottles is important for the preservation of the precious active substances. The best solution answer, Stocksmetic experts say, are the plastic or glass jars. In our catalogue you can find, for instance, the 50ml frosted glass Luxe jar, that you can also have in the transparent glass version or in the precious metallic version. Two more containers for face cream are the 50ml Heavy jar, also avaiable in the 100ml version, e the brand new glass Miracle jar that you can embellish with the glossy gold Girotondo cap or the wengè Wood cap.

Last step: always protect yourself with SPF beauty products and make up

The last thing your skin needs, after being exfoliated and hydrated, is the right protection, even in autumn! You should protect your skin from ultraviolet rays damages all the year. SPF products, those with the Solar Protection Factor, guarantee the protection from patches appearance and skin aging. Among the cosmetic bottles Stocksmetic creates, you can also find many items for this kind of product. Two of the best are the 15ml black opaque Luxe jar, also avaiable in the 50ml version, and the 15ml white opaque Luxe jar: they both perfectly protect the product maintaining its properties, in addition to having an elegant design do you can always bring them with you.


The best skincare products in cosmetic bottles

Stocksmetic Packaging: cosmetic bottles for every need

In Stocksmetic catalogue you can find cosmetic bottles and jars that can perfectly keep your skincare products. Creams, wheys, balms, oils, scrubs... they will finally find their perfect place. And that's not all: you can make your packaging unique by personalizing it with original accessories, labels and boxes, and of course a refined design. Get inspired by our packaging collections and choose the one that better suits your tastes.

Have you started designing your personalized cosmetic bottles line yet? Please contact us if you need help or further information: our team will be happy to take care of you and so you will make the perfect choice for your needs.